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  1. jbenson2, Thanks for the tips on searching with negative tags -tag: tag_name. Your other posts on searching using multiple tags are also useful (using any: tag_name1 tag_name2) Also thanks also for such quick replies to you and May. Some note and book structure is useful. Consider an example, I'm in a Work meeting with a a dozen colleagues. Each has to report a list of the previous work's activities. I have maybe 5 items to discuss quickly. It is far easier to have an ordered list of sets of work to report than to have to do 5 different searches. Yes I realize that I can create a set of "tick box" activities to report within one note. But its awkward to hold all the graphs needed in the one note. Especially when you can't resize the images (graphs for example) within an Ever-note note and the note viewing area is reduced by the other competing windows. BTW, CTL-Enter to open a note into a separate window doesn't work from within the note itself, It only works from the search result window. Its an odd limitation to impose on the user.
  2. I have found the problem with organizing via Tags is the number of tags required starts to grow out of control The Tag list length becomes unwieldy Why force users into tags and only one layer of note book nesting ? Why not allow what users want , Tags and Multiple Note Book Nesting ? Thanks
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