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  1. Think I may have solved it. A Hazel rule to copy changed files to Evernote has got into a loop somehow.
  2. Sorry. Should've said. iMac running latest version of Mavericks.
  3. Evernote's gone mad! It is syncing and I can't stop it. It is creating multiple copies of everything - in some cases 9 so far. If I quit or even force quit it simply restarts itself and carries on. It keeps bringing itself to the front window and prevents me working on anything. How on earth do I stop it!!
  4. Fantastic. Thanks. But taking this one step further, is there an Applescript (or Automator workflow) that will take a PDF and put it into Evernote automatically? This is part of a wider workflow where I'd like to use Hazel to watch a folder and when it sees a new PDF, I'd like the applescript to copy it (not move) and put the copy into Evernote. Needless to say this way beyond me! Thanks.
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