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  1. I wish there was a different way to print, like with the desktop, you have the title and tags and such. However, I have an HP that I have setup to print emails that are sent to the HP address. I email the static note and it prints it out. Just the contents of the note print.
  2. Yeah, I know for browsing for notes that you can see the stacks. I should have mentioned it was during note creation. I had thought about adding something like you suggested. I was hoping I was just missing something. Thanks.
  3. I tend to use a lot of notebooks. My problem is that when I go to select a notebook that is in a stack, it sorts them all alphabetically without any indication of which stack it is in. Not only do I have the stacks sorted in the order I'd like on the desktop client, but I have some similarly named notebooks in different stacks so this can be very confusing. Am I missing something? Is there any way to change this on Android?
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