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  1. Thanks. That's usually the problem -- i.e., the animation is lost or 'crippled.'
  2. Can one 'clip' (or otherwise 'save') an animated GIF (e.g., one that you see in a tweet) and create an Evernote note for it, or insert it into an existing note, with animation intact? If so, how is it done (on a Mac)? Thanks.
  3. I'll just venture an educated guess that were you a Brit you'd have voted Remain.
  4. I'm not familiar with Google Cloud and wasn't referring to it specifically, but to Google's apparent worldview, as evidenced by longstanding consistent behavior when it comes to support -- which is to provide as little as possible. I base that on my own extensive experience with primarily Chrome, Drive, Docs, and (much less extensively) several other such services, as well as on a great many posts by others re: same. One thing Google has done with peremptory vigor is orphan products at will, or transform them in ways that better suit Google than its users. I see no reason it would not do
  5. What would they lose? They're too big to fail. Most people who have worked with Google products and experienced Google 'support' firsthand know well how little Big G cares about its customers or their opinions of it or anything else.
  6. Thanks. Does the Web Clipper use different 'sync' settings than those for the desktop app? If I understand you, saving via the Web Clipper works in kind of the opposite way of saving a note in EN (desktop). When I save in the desktop app the save is instantaneous. I don't know the status on the web servers since I don't use them, but I guess that could take a while (without my being aware of it unless I specifically tried to access the saved note via the web).
  7. While viewing a PDF doc I clicked on the option to 'save PDF to Evernote' (via the Web Clipper). A successful save was reported but there was no sign of the PDF in my EN notes. I only just noticed it had finally 'arrived' as I was about to post here about it. Haven't used the Clipper much. Is it normal for it to take a while to appear as an EN note Thanks.
  8. Thanks. So if for some reason you've had to use the 'web' version to create/edit notes, when you open the D/T client back on your home computer does EN immediately automatically sync the work that you did in the 'web' version?
  9. Ah, okay. The tab bar tells you. And the first dropdown menu identifies the browser, not Evernote. Thanks.
  10. Thanks but not sure I understand. What's different in the 'web' version? It may be that I've only ever used the desktop version, but does its screen not display the same information as the desktop version? How do you even get to it? Is the web version accessed by going to Evernote's website and logging in from there?
  11. Sorry for possibly overlooking the obvious, but how can you verify that you are running an EN client (i.e., desktop version) as opposed to the web version? Thanks.
  12. What is the reasoning behind having to log into Evernote and the Clipper separately? The Clipper is just one Evernote tool/feature among many others, isn't it?
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