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  1. Many thanks for that URL. Maybe I can figure out what's going on -- and what to do in response -- from that. I guess I can get rid of the 'Mac' that's noted as being from 78 months ago. That would seem to be the obvious choice, especially since I see that 'unsyncing' doesn't lead to any loss of notes, which is what I thought might or would happen. I agree that the 'web' "device" isn't particularly useful, but it does keep your account available in case you don't have your own hardware with you and need to access something in your account.
  2. Thanks, yes I'd already done that (checked at EN's website). My Mac (i.e., a single device) definitely seems to be being seen as two separate devices according to the listing there. How can I figure out which "Mac" device EN is actually syncing to? I assume it's the one marked 'Current,' since the other refers to a date 78 months ago, which is presumably when I first created my EN account. I don't know how two identifies for the same device ended up being created. This issue is new to me, never ran across it before. I also wasn't able to check my EN version number -- that information
  3. I've found myself effectively locked out of my account -- even after logging in – with no explanation of what the 'two device' maximum is all about. I'm informed that I'm using 3 devices and need to eliminate one from syncing. My devices are described as: Desktop / Mac / Web. Apparently, one of these has to lose syncing unless I upgrade to a 'premium' account. But how are the "Desktop' and 'Mac' two separate devices? I'm using the Mac Desktop. That's one device, not two. This 'surprise' notification about an apparent change that's been made by Evernote is the stran
  4. Thanks. I don't recall ever having run into this before. The article is: https://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/russian-federation/2017-03-10/russia-trump-and-new-d-tente In the 'simplified' clip it ends at "threaten the postwar liberal order." (end of 4th paragraph from the end) The 'full' clip preserved the entire article (but of course also all the graphics, etc. I didn't want). I'm not familiar with Nimbus Capture but thanks for the tip, I'll check it out. I'll note the issue via Twitter also.
  5. A 'simplified article' clip (using Web Clipper) truncated an article, omitting the last three paragraphs (a sizeable amount of text). A second 'full article' save worked in the desktop version but the web version had the same truncation. Is there a way to troubleshoot this or should I 'report' it? If so, how is it done (for either)? Thanks.
  6. Thanks @CalS and @jefito. It looks like separate user accounts is the way to go if one wants to avoid the need to log out of one EN account and into another -- i.e., to be able to have both EN accounts available simultaneously.
  7. But is that required -- i.e., a separate user account at the 'computer' level -- just to access an EN account? This is on a Mac but I believe 'user accounts' work pretty much the same as in Windows. I wouldn't think that (a separate user account) would be necessary, but maybe the fact that EN stores data locally as well as on the Web (unless disabled by the user) assumes/requires it. (?)
  8. It's one other person, with her own account, & the issue is how she can access her EN (& Web Clipper, which she needs to install) on my computer. I already have my own EN account and Web Clipper on my computer. So the question is how to prevent anything related to EN being associated with my account. If she were to log into her EN account and then go to the Chrome Web Store to install the Clipper, I assume that would either fail because my own Clipper would be recognized or the install (hers)would overwrite the current Clipper (mine). BTW, this is on a Mac. Thanks.
  9. I wanted to know how someone other than the computer's main user can access their Evernote account (& use the Web Clipper). I asked because I'm not familiar with multiple user accounts.
  10. Given that Evernote is account-based I'm wondering how to install the Web Clipper for different Chrome users on the same computer. Can anyone walk me through that? Thanks. (Note that the Chrome Web Store isn't accessible in Incognito Mode (meaning the Clipper extension isn't either), otherwise that would have provided an option.)
  11. Maybe I'm missing something but I'm perplexed by all these posts, especially those urging Evernote to create a Clipper implementation for Brave. (Maybe it's because most of these posts are old?) Under the current Dev Build (BRAVE) there should, as far as I know, be no problem installing the Clipper because it thinks it's installing in Chrome. Or is there something about the Clipper that makes it different from other browser extensions?
  12. Thanks. Why is this a "not-supported query," though? Doesn't EVERNOTE want the Clipper available as widely (i.e., in as many browsers) as possible?
  13. The current dev build of the Brave browser supports Chrome extensions in general. So far, I've had no problems with any I've used. Is there anything unusual about the Evernote Web Clipper that would (or might) prevent a successful installation in Brave or other Chrome-like browsers? I posted here (rather than under general discussion of the Clipper) because I use a Mac and don't know whether implementation of the Clipper on the Mac has specific considerations that don't apply in Windows. Thanks.
  14. Thanks, I did search but found nothing that made it clear the Clipper was only available as an extension. I knew it was used primarily that way but thought there might also be a standalone version, as is often the case with extensions. It would be very useful to have the Clipper's functionality available when using a browser that doesn't support the extension. As opposed to having to run a supported browser just for that purpose.
  15. I've recently been using another browser as an alternative to Chrome. That browser doesn't (at this time) have an 'extension' for EN's Web Clipper. I've used the Chrome extension version of Web Clipper for so long I can't remember if there's a standalone version of the Clipper that would enable me to use it in the other browser (or in any browser). Is there? Thanks. (The 'other' browser is Brave . . . https://brave.com/)
  16. Thanks, I guess the reason why Spotlight didn't find any is that the word 'Evernote' doesn't appear in any of those file/folder names. If you needed to use the local EN files on your hard drive because the web was down, are there instructions on how to do that? Or would they be available automatically just by running Evernote? Also, does being able to access your 'notes' outside of Evernote require first converting them using some other app's native conversion methods, or are there other ways -- at least just to get to all of the 'text' in your notes (without first having to have
  17. I haven't been able to find where my local EN is stored on my hard drive. I see some folders ("quick-note" etc.) but no content. I've always assumed that with both 'web' and 'local' EN active, what's in one location should duplicate what's in the other. But if that's the case, where is it located on my hard drive? Thanks.
  18. OK, thanks again. The analogy for me was: Until recently, if you wanted to insert an image in a tweet, you had to download it to your device first, then upload it into the tweet. Then it became possible to just copy-&-paste the image from the webpage where you first viewed it, eliminating the need to save it locally first. So I thought, why then would you not be able to do the same thing with an EN note -- i.e., eliminate the intermediate download/upload stage. It would not concern me whether I was getting the image to where I wanted it -- in an EN note -- from my computer's ha
  19. Thanks. Re: Gmail, I was referencing your prior statement ("I use the Apple Mail app, with Apple and Gmail accounts. No problem exporting pdfs from my mail."). I meant Gmail as it's used by most users (I don't know whether that's considered a 'service' or an 'app'). Re: drag-&-drop without an import folder, I assume you mean you can do it from Apple Mail, which may offer that. I'll have to look into whether Gmail can do it. As mentioned, I couldn't 'select' an email attachment in Yahoo! Mail. I think it may have been an 'image' file rather than a PDF but don't see why the behavior
  20. Thanks. Do you mean that Gmail exports email attachments by itself, or that it still needs Apple Mail (which I don't use ) for that? If so, can it be done just via drag-&-drop of the attachment into an EN note -- i.e., by selecting it with the mouse in GMail and dragging it into EN? Re: import folder, so AppleScript is needed? That's something else I don't use and I doubt I'll find the time to learn it.
  21. I'm on a Mac. I had tried to do that (drag into a note) but the PDF attachment's icon wasn't selectable, so not draggable either. That was in Yahoo! Mail. I don't know whether Google Mail or other webmail offer that capability. I haven't worked with import folders. Do they import the 'content' directly from a PDF without first having to open it in another app? Thanks.
  22. Is there a way to get a PDF doc that arrives as an email attachment directly into EN with the clipper… or by dragging it into a new note?
  23. Thanks. Should have mentioned that since I'm running OS X 10.9.5 (Mavericks), EN 6.8 is the last version I can use. Re: the two download options, I did the 'Direct' download, so that's the version I now have installed. Do I need to be concerned about "changes … mandated by Apple"?
  24. I decided to download v. 6.8 from the "here" link shown above, as for some reason I wasn't prompted to upgrade (from 6.5.1) when I opened Evernote. What distinction does the above refer to -- i.e., what is the "Direct Download" version as opposed to the "Mac App Store version"? Also, when I used the Mac's Software Update to bring up the 'update version' dialog box within Evernote, the download kept aborting. Any idea why? Thanks.
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