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  1. Mike, I'm not arguing your personal opinion, but if you read through all the Evernote Features & Promo pages, and look at the videos Evernote posts about the many uses for Evernote, it's apparent they do think people should be using Evernote for larger & complex documents. Evernote has fairly sophisticated formatting features - text can be bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, bullet lists, indents, check boxes, sections & subsections, paragraphs; and you can insert images & audio - that's a sophisticated app, except for the ridiculous absence of font sizing in the apps. If someone created a desktop software with all those editing features and *didn't* include adjustable fonts you'd think they were crazy, right? It's promoted principally as an app for devices that also can be accessed on laptops/desktops & via the web - so why in the name of all that's common sensical would you have NOT have features in your app, the principal input device for many, if not most users, that are available in the secondary input device (desktop/laptop)? It makes no sense. They promote it for work, showing examples of various professions using Evernote, collaborating on projects with large quantities of, and varied types of information; for studying and homework in school & college - they do not promote it as a "note" app. And even if that were the case, all the note apps I've checked, free & paid, have adjustable fonts. I do still wish that Evernote would get adjustable fonts, as Evernote is a great app in all other respects and I'd love to be able to use it for work - heck, I wish they'd just start acknowledging the issue. I've give up on Evernote for now, & use Mac's Notes for a simple notes app, and switched to Notability, which had more flexibility and allows for more types of media/types of entries. Even though Notability doesn't have many of the more 'office-y' text formatting options that Evernote does I love having the ability to write & sketch with a stylus, and the export options are good. Now that Notability has a desktop app (& auto backs up to Box/Dropbox) & can keep all my devices/computers fully synced, just like Evernote and have *readable* documents. I'm not associated with Notability & receive no benefits from them, just find the app useful. Still hoping Evernote fixes this issue.
  2. Dear Evernote creators - How many complaints do you have to see before you address this issue? That this lack of a basic feature is life & work-affecting? Complaints with well-explained real-world examples of how this ridiculous lack of a basic feature is significantly limiting the overall usefulness of your otherwise excellent app in professional situations. I can't count on using use Evernote for everything professionally because of this limitation - stopping to scroll down or re-size text every time I need to access my files is just a no go. A warning about the inability to set font size in Evernote is actually written in the the IT dept's app manual at 2 of my clients' firms, particularly in relation to doing quick & dirty presentations from a device. Seriously, it's a thing now. They offer suggestions for other apps, free apps too, that do not have this limitation. Please, Pay Attention!
  3. UPDATE: Unfortunately, the problem is back, webclipper doesn't work again. After trying the fix posted above which solved the issue, I closed FF, repaired permissions, & shut down computer, and the next day when I tried to use webclipper it was back to not working in the same way - no selection or article clip, and choosing a new note only worked about 2 times out of 10, most of the time it opens the oldest note I have & then freezes. I've reinstalled the addon & that doesn't help, and the permissions on all the folders involved are correct. Hey Evernote! Find a fix for this, I'm not going to futz around with deleting files every time I restart FF! Either fix the addon or pull it from use, it's not like it's a third party addon - You guys created Evernote and the Evernote WebClipper. Are the changes to FF 25 so incredibly complex that your addon can't be adjusted? I don't think so, because all my other addons still work just fine after the update. Or isn't it important to Evernote that this addon that you promote on the Evernote website no longer works with one of the most popular browsers? Come on, fix it, it's got your name on it -
  4. Thanks, Triballion, this worked for me - instantly fixed everything. My issue was that the webclipper seemed to install OK, but didn't function at all - no sign in, no clip article or selection, and new note only worked once.
  5. This thread started on Aug 31 2011. That's more than 2 years ago! Hey Evernote, do you want a list of apps that HAVE adjustable fonts? Even if I stick to free apps I could some up with a fairly impressive list. And if go to paid apps or subscription apps the list gets quite sizable. Evernote wants to be paid $45.00 a year for a Premium Account - that seems reasonable for a useful and USEABLE app. I want adjustable fonts - Not a million fonts, not Comic Sans or Copperplate or Calligraphy, not from 2 pts to 72pts, Just something big enough to read in a range of real life situations, and that seems reasonable to me. So, with all due respect, Evernote, Pull Your Thumb Out!
  6. Exactly. I love Evernote, I use it for work, for my personal organizing, and I have always recommended it to people I work with. But in terms of the mobile version I want to remind the developers that not everyone uses Evernote seated at a well lit desk, and not everyone has perfect vision. I don't wear glasses at all, not for reading or my laptop or crafts or sewing, but there are plenty of times Evernote makes me squint and slows me down. I use it for cataloging and indexing everything - books, music, furniture, locations, cars, receipts, business cards, contracts, estimates - and again, not everything that needs Evernote-ing exists in a well lit room. And not everyone I hand my device to so they can look at something I have indexed in Evenote has perfect vision either. It just seems so obvious. I think Evernote is the only app I use regularly that doesn't allow me to adjust the font. If Evernote wants to be indispensable, and it almost is, then it has to be adaptable, flexible - useable!
  7. Actually Grumpy in Windows you can adjust the DPI of the whole screen which EN responds too as well as menu text, titles etc. individually (all part of windows screen settings). Although this affects all apps which may not be what you are looking for? That is an extreme and disruptive barely-solution to a problem that should be resolved within the app. Adjusting the DPI affects, as you say, every app, all the territory on your screen like menus & docks & icons, and it can make things very fuzz. I strongly advise against doing that via you Monitor or Display Preferences. There are some apps, for people with vision limitations, that can make more subtle adjustments without ruining all your screen elements, but they are pricey & not really a solution. EN can already change the font size within notes, extending that capability/scalability to the structure of the page should be do-able.
  8. Yes, please - I have good vision for a 50-mumblemumble person, but being able to adjust the font would be excellent. What might be readable on a desktop iMac in good light on an easy workday is not so easy to read on a 13" MacBookPro out at a jobsite at the end of long day, especially if you work in the list view. Most apps with a similar layout - like Mail or iTunes or iPhoto - allow for adjusting the fonts.
  9. There is a way to prevent an app from updating - it's done in the App Store. Here is the link to the Apple Support Doc explaining how to 'hide' and 'unhide' your apps from updating in the App Store. http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4928
  10. Have you looked at If This Then That https://ifttt.com/dashboard It's a site/service that let's you create something like workflows/services/scripts between sites/services that don't normally work together. There is a selection of what they call recipes already created or the site will walk you through creating a custom recipe for you. There is an Evernote Channel (there are 57 different channels) with several thousand recipes too choose from -I did a quick check & if you sync your iphone/ipod/ipad Notes through your Gmail account there is a Recipe available to sync Notes to your Evernote account - haven't tried it yet but I use several other Evernote Recipes & they work great. There are Recipes for Box, Dropbox, various emails, Craigslist, Buzzfeed, Etsy, Flickr, Instagram, Pocket, Twitter, FB, Youtube, & more. Take a look, it's a generally useful site even if they can't help with this particular Evernote issue.
  11. To be grudgingly fair, there have been OS updates to Mac since Evernote "created" Skitch 2.0, and because Evernote stopped supporting/updating Skitch 1.0.12 it's possible that the changes in the Mac OS are responsible for Share, Copy Link not working any longer. This may continue to happen to other features after each Mac OS update.
  12. Yes, that's a perfect way to put it - perhaps the most important thing I used Skitch for was dimensioning and clarifying objects in pics - the ability to include many clearly distinct notes, lines, arrows, to create one visual with notes for several different people/departments all together, so everyone is aware of the whole of the information - for many projects Skitch was as good as a mutli layered drawing drafting program. So yes, among many other features & connectivities, what Evernote did was to remove the possibility of SUBLETY and COMPLEXITY and DETAIL. If I wanted to use MacPaint 1996, I would!
  13. Thanks for the link and the response, gbarry, I think it'll please the masses to know you're seeing this. Hey themensch - Thank you for the link back to 1.0.12, I could only find 1.0.11 in my back ups. So how bad is the response to the Fabulous New Skitch 2.0 that only days after the big rollout ~ Ta Da! ~ Skitch has to post a link back to the 'unimproved' version right on the front page? I really do not understand their thinking. Skitch 2.0 sucks in general, not just sucks severely in contrast to the 'real' Skitch - I mean as it stands it does so little that it functions not as a real application but as more of a plugin or extension/addon to Evernote. Why not keep Skitch as the full featured much-loved app it was & call this 2.0 thing the Skitch plugin to Evernote, offer it as an an enhancement to Evernote for people who aren't using Skitch, or, add the new Evernote-centric features to the old real Skitch? Then you have 2 valuable apps, not 1 valuable app plus a limp add on. I understand that they Evernote-centric in their thinking but why purchase something of value only to degrade it? ADD the Skitch value to Evernote, don't obliterate Skitch!
  14. You've ruined Skitch - I suppose if you bought it you are entitled to mangle, distort, prune, constrain, and ruin Skitch, but it's virtually useless to me now, it's no more use than a OS screenshot - requires too many keystrokes, virtually no pref settings, and EVERYTHING has to go into Evernote? Really? That's your brilliant plan? Feh!
  15. i agree. here is a situation: i pasted a library call number into my note, but the font was tiny. we have no ability to change font size on ipad/iphone, so if not for the retina display and freakishly good eyesight, i couldn't have read it when i was wandering around in the library stacks looking for the book. yes, i could have copied and pasted it out of evernote into any number of apps that would enlarge it for me, but is this really the ideal workflow? Exactly - for accumulating notes, bibliographies, & call numbers, etc for research, for work in general, to find an item quickly, I need to be able to read the index of notes & notebooks - I know I can take a few steps & increase the size of the body of the text of each note but searching through my notebook indexes should NOT require me to move to a brighter light or put on glasses - My eyesight is almost perfect but if I am in the library or archive room, or am at a clients house not directly under a bright work light, I should be able to SEE Evernote. If you want Evernote to BE the indispensible tool, then actually BE the indispensible tool - right now it's not worth it to me to upgrade to Premium until the app has sizable fonts on the index page - I don't carry my laptop everywhere, or iPad, some situations require I use a small discreet iphone for note taking or research, and try taking a pic note with an iPad camera, either you need a table to put the thing on & use 2 hands to hold the iPad to snap the pic, or maybe you have to hold the item up to the light at a certain angle or fit the iphone into a small space to take a pic - The Evernote Mobile app needs to be as mobile & accessible as the device I use it on. I have had this conversaion with many friends looking for a professional grade organizing tool & all of them say the same thing - my iPhone is jsut the right size, Evernote's structure & tools are just what I want BUT THE FREAKIN' FONT IS NOT ADJUSTABLE. It'snt a matter of age & eyesight, Evernote seems not to care that not everyone works in a brightly lit office sitting at a desk, remember? MOBILE apps need to be designed for mobile use, 'field conditions'! Here is a list of my professions of some of my friends with the same issue with Evernote - Social worker, physical therapist, theatrical stage manager, architectural model builder, fine art conservationist, nursery school teacher, proofreader for technical journal, graduate students in several technical & scientific fields, craft blogger, librarian, court interpreter. PLEASE - this is not a frivolous issue, the index to your excellent app isn't readable in real life conditions. Thanks
  16. Another request for font sizing in Evernote Mobile app for Iphone ipod - please, most mobile apps have this feature, especially organizational apps, Evernote is a serious app, in theory you can organize anything in your personal and professiona life with it - how useful is it if I have to squint to read my list of notes on my iphone? Evernote thinks it's OK for me to have to put on reading glasses to use it? It's like the really slow start up time, it's something obvious that really should have been fixed. Please. Thank you.
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