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  1. +1 for this. Maybe there's more chance of a Chrome packaged app than a native Linux client from Evernote.
  2. Hi there, I was wondering if I could request something - is there any chance Evernote could locate it's app data storage within the default 'data' folder that exists within the Android file system? It's frustrating to see the file system clogged up with a load of folders created by apps when they should all reside within 'data' and would give us a much cleaner folder structure when browsing internal storage. I know this is probably a minor thing, but spare a thought for the power users Cheers! Alex
  3. Ah ha, that's perfect. I did spot those little triangles, but trying to tap them is a little awkward as the system thinks you're attempting to use the scrollbar. Once I realised that you don't have to tap the triangle directly but can tap the number instead, it's much easier. Perhaps it would make sense, from a UI perspective, to give the tappable area a slightly different background colour? It would also make sense to me that you should be able to long-press on the notebook title to access the same menu? One other small note - I don't see any obvious way to make an entire notebook stack available offline. The stack notebook doesn't offer a triangle indication of 'options' so you need to manually go through each notebook in the stack and make them available offline. Thanks for getting back to me though, for the time being I've been able to set my Travel notebook offline which was the main thing I needed immediately.
  4. Thanks xdelplanque, I'd love to see this re-integrated within the next two weeks as I'll be going abroad then and have a couple of notebooks I'd like to make available offline before I leave.
  5. Cool, cheers. I was starting to worry that I was missing something incredibly obvious
  6. Hmm, perhaps I'm being blind, but I'm really not seeing it. I tap my user name on the home screen top left, in that menu I have the following: Current Usage, Account Info, Settings, Sign Out. I tap "Settings". This brings up: Account Info, Sync Notes, Search and Storage, Other Options, Support, Legal. Here's a screen shot when I go into "Sync Notes". https://www.dropbox.com/s/k2ayt7ae6bl26yp/Screenshot_2012-05-16-16-33-19.png I'm on Samsung Galaxy S2 ICS with my premium account linked. Cheers, Alex
  7. I've had a quick look through and there's a couple of things that immediately jump out at me: For the life of me I cannot find options for premium offline notebooks. I'm quite certain it used to be an option in main settings, but I've gone through each screen there and can't see it. This is a little unfortunate as I was meaning to set one of my notebooks up for offline use before I go abroad. The hardware menu button no longer functions at all (I think). I've checked it pretty much everywhere in the app and it does nothing. Obviously for devices without a dedicated menu button this isn't an issue, but it should still get a response for those phones that do still have dedicated menu buttons. Long press actions only work on individual notes, not notebooks or tags. Feels like there should be some options on long-pressing a notebook (move, make available offline, rename). Overall I think the new look is great, it fits much better with the overall Android design pattern, just it needs a few tweaks.
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