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  1. I respect and understand all of your points of view. The thing is that this is how I would like to work, maybe this is not how you want to work and that is fine. I am not asking for you to be forced to use this feature/option. I am asking for myself and others like me who would like this feature. One additional point, this type of feature has been implemented in many fortune 500 companies, law firms, and the like. They don't feel like it is redundant and it has lead to a better enterprise content management because of the feature.
  2. I would like to see if a tag(s) could be assigned to a notebook. Basically, it would allow me to move a note to a notebook and the note would automatically be assigned the tag that was assigned to that notebook. This is a similar type of functionality that I implement in enterprise document management systems (DMS) for my job. Within the DMS is a set of folders, each folder has a designated metadata value. In the example I am using, the metadata value is a document type. When a user moves or saves a document (of any type, email, or otherwise) into one of these folders, the document type is automatically assigned to the document. This enables the user to search the entire system for the document, without having to go into the folder it self.
  3. I would very much like to be able to setup Evernote as a true email client (IMAP preferred), in addition to the other great features that Evernote has. I already set up all of email accounts to either blind copy (BCC) or forward incoming emails to Evernote. This way I don't have to check each different email account, as they dump into one location, that my life is in anyway. Thank you.
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