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  1. I agree. I cannot justify the cost of buying an iPad and using Penultimate if I cannot encorporate my handwritten notes into the proper topic notebook. Ultimately, it would be even better to be able to put a Penultimate page within an Evernote notebook. In reality, the functionality of Evernote should always strive to mimic real life. In real life, I could have a notebook that is full of handwritten pages (Penultimate pages) mixed with printed pages (PDF's attached to Evernote notes) and some of my own typed pages that may have images (normal Evernote notes). This would make Evernote/Penultimate/Skitch quicker to use than doing all this in real life. Right now it is a bit sluggish and cumbersome to structure notes/notebooks given the inability to mix notes of different types (Skitch, Penultimate, classic Evernote) in one notebook.
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