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  1. Thanks, Scott. What steps do you execute to get a note from Evernote to Readdle PDF converter?
  2. Is there a way to convert a note to PDF on an iOS device? I know that I can use the Print function and select PDF on a Mac/OSX, but not sure how to create a PDF from a note on an iOS device. Thanks in advance.
  3. Yahenda, you nailed it. This is a case of people trying to be too smart and missing what the customer really wants. "Let's spend a lot of time and money creating an algorithm to guess vs doing something simple and letting the user choose." Hoping the engineering process gets revisited and we're provided much more control. Until then, such as with this feature, images in notes are not only useless to me but distracting so think I'll put this service aside for a while. Best of luck to the team, think they have a good basis to build something really great (just need to revisit how they design and engineer around the customer).
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