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  1. Frustrating. I've also accidentally deleted a number of notes because <CMD>+Delete is a often-used shortcut for deleting a line of text. I generally find that I mistakenly delete notes while I'm using the search function and I try to delete a line of search text. Worse yet, I don't notice that I've deleted an important note until much later. This type of behavior makes me feel like I have to constantly check that no notes were mistakenly sent to the trash. With software like Evernote, confidence is key. This behavior is causing me to lose confidence that the notes I need will be retained by Evernote and that they will be available when I need them.
  2. +1 for this question. Does anyone know how we can assign 100% table-width so that it takes up the entire screen? if this doesn't exist, it causes 2 problems for us: 1) tables to resize for different screens 2) every single table we create, we have to resize it to fit our needs and our content (it doesn't appear to size based on content either). Hopefully, I'm just missing something.
  3. fwiw, I uninstalled 6.10.1 and reinstalled (from https://evernote.com/webclipper/) and this seems to have fixed the above problem.
  4. I don't think that's entirely true. PC has 'simplify formatting' but this appears to be a request for '*selective* simplify formatting'. I often want to preserve some formatting but need to simplify it in other areas. In other products, you can generally select the text that you need to simplify, select the command (CTRL-SPACE generally), and the selected text is simplified. In Evernote, however, the entire note is simplified. usecase: only some of the formatting is necessary for display or style. usecase: Evernote was unable to properly copy the formatting from the source document/page so this is a way to correct it (image overlays, etc). In absence of this feature, I find myself having to use Evernote in conjunction with TextPad, which I use to remove the formatting. The modification of 'Simplify Formatting' so that it's based on the selected text would be a welcome addition. Great product, regardless!
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