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  1. I just checked and my database folder is about 2GB. Mysteriously evernote started working again overnight so touch wood it's going to stay happy. I did already have context disabled though so God knows what the issue was!
  2. Whenever I click on a web link in an evernote note the note window seems to (almost) freeze. I can click on other notebooks/tags etc. and the search bar updates but the note list and note window don't. I can click on another note in the list and the new note is highlighted but the note window doesn't change. I can however scroll up and down in the note window and edit text but some text functions don't work (I can't indent text or edit links for example). I can use the menu bar at the top without issue. This behaviour has occurred with every note I've tested, although I think when it first started I could sometimes click a link without it freezing and it was a less consistent issue but I'm not 100% sure. Now it happens every time without fail. This behaviour started when I installed version 5.9.1, but I tried downgrading to 5.8.13 and still had the same issue. I'm back on 5.9.1 hoping the issue might clear up with another upgrade but that was just wishful thinking! I have windows 10 but have successfully been using Evernote for a few weeks since I upgraded (except the annoying duplicated taskbar icon in 5.8). My next approach would be to use Revo uninstaller to completely delete Evernote and reinstall from scratch but I'd prefer not to have to download all my notes again if I don't need to. Any advice?
  3. I've only just gone back to scan some old documents so pretty much all my updated dates for the kinds of documents I'd be using them for are in the last couple of months. While I was scanning I only bothered to change the created dates as I've seen lots of mentions of using these for searches, and didn't think I'd need to change both. Could I request an option to choose which date you'd like to be displayed in a future update? One of evernote's best points is that it's flexibility so everyone can use it in the way that suits them best, and I'm sure I'm not the only person who finds it useful to see the created date without having the documents listed by it.
  4. I normally sort by title, is there anyway to change the date in that case?
  5. Is there anyway to show the created date instead of the updated date in snippet view? The updated dates don't matter to me at all but I use the created dates for things like tax forms when I have a new one every year to differentiate between them. I'm using V5 but I can't remember which date came up in V4 (I only recently went back and scanned a batch of old documents so I didn't use the dates as much until now).
  6. I just did this and it appeared to work at first but everytime I try to clip something I get an error saying "Unable to create Evernote object (0x80040154)." I can get through authentication etc. fine though, it's once I've clipped something this error comes up, is this a related issue or is there something else I need to fix? Never mind, found the answer here (just in case anyone else is noticing the same error now they've switched)
  7. Right now, I am leaning towards removing the tags from the notebook, and leaving it as just the navigation note and maybe some keywords or something to include in the notes themselves. What do you think? Also, courtesy of Peter, there is another registry option for those that may want it... ShowLeftPaneSeparators I'd definitely appreciate keywords in the articles or titles rather than tags, and it seems like a lot of people are leaving shared notebooks because of it too so I think it'd probably be quite popular. And I'll have a look at the registry option too, thanks
  8. Just going to add in my two cents. I like having shared notebooks in with my own (most are ones between me and famliy members that we both add things too, it never made sense for them to be separated). However, now that they are shared, the tags being mixed in with my own is a real problem (not so much the family notebooks now, more one's like spg scott's one). We either need an option to turn off shared tags appearing in our own tag list (whether in all notes or all my notes), or, ideally, to be able to edit tags in shared notebooks so I can just use one set that I'm familar with and have control over. Also, can all versions of evernote start being a bit more similar. I use windows, android, ios & web evernote in varying amounts and have 4 completely different interfaces to deal with (and I'm assuming macs have a fifth). Surely just one smaller mobile version and a full laptop version would be possible and easier to manage?
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