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  1. Many thanks. This sorted out the problem for me! All good again
  2. Windows. I've the program downloaded onto my PC, but also the feature is gone on the web version as well?
  3. I just noticed that I cannot see/edit the date created on notes any more? What's happened? I found this handy for keeping notes at the top of stacks etc. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  4. I notice that when I scan in from my snapscan into evernote that the pdf''/notes don't go into my !inbox default notebook that I've set up. I've checked this out making sure it is selected as the default notebook and yet sometimes doesnt go into it. Can anyone tell me what my be the problem here? Kinda frustrating as I think my inbox is cleared but then I notice the notes went into @notes notebook which serve as a "processed" or "archived" folder. Thanks.
  5. So here's my workflow pattern. 1. Scan with s1300 snapscan. 2. OCR 3. Copy file from my "scan" folder to evernote 4. Move the file(s) into cabinet on organiser software. While this is fine, I feel that there's possibly a quicker way of improving my workflow? I want to OCR everything, but maybe I can get the scans into evernote quicker than copying from "scan" folder on desktop? But I also want a copy keep on my desktop. Any suggestions folks? Thanks.
  6. I'm finding the ability to edit a note on my android phone very difficult since the latest major update. I can't seem to edit notes with ease the way I was able to before the big update. Anyone else having this sort of problem?
  7. I've stopped using evernote on my android phone because it keeps swyping to the home screen every time I try and scroll around the page in a note. Its soooooooo frustrating. I can't believe that it hasn't been changed back yet. Please Evernote...bring back the old way.
  8. +1 for this as well. Its basically made viewing notes on my android device totally pointless as I can't scroll in peace and its constantly swiping to the home screen. Please please please Evernote fix this lately update
  9. thanks for sharing your system! it sounds like you have a good mix of stuff that works for you. a couple ideas for keeping track of those notes. before moving the notes out of your notebooks, make an empty note, select them all, and drag them into the empty note. this will create note links to all of the notes. so, if you are ever worried about losing them, they are all there together. alternatively, you can tag them all before getting rid of the notebook. this has the added benefit of making it possible for you to sort by that tag if you are using windows. i definitely wouldn't keep the notebooks or, you can do both. it only takes a few seconds. Excellent stuff!!! Never knew about note links! I'll definitely be doing that asap! Brilliant tip thanks.
  10. Since I'm new to this digital method of storage via evernote I thought I'd let people know how I'm going about my organising! After a lot of research here and excellent advice I started out by using tags/keywords along with notebooks. Overkill I know, but after only a week at using this system it's not that hard to change over. So that's what I've done. Instead of tagging everything, I just use the popular method of Date, keyword keyword, keyword in the title. Already I can see the big advantage of using simple "intitle:" searches and not bothering about loads of tags. In saying that, I still have loads of pointless tags which I'll get around to deleting as I clean up. Notebooks are also plentiful in my evernote account which I will soon narrow down to just 3/4 instead of the current 24!!! I'm using a system from now on which has been talked about a lot both here and on the net. I've a "!inbox" notebook where all new notes are sent to be default. After I process/title/date the notes I'm current sending them into a "@notes" notebook which is like a general archive notebook for all my processed notes. I also have a "!Need to do" notebook which I've changed the created date to 31/12/2012 so that it stays up on top of all the notes. This way I can use this note as a todo list or for stuff that needs action soon. So in time I aim to have just the following notebooks: 1. !inbox - processing all new notes 2. @notes - general archive for processed notes 3. !need to do - for todo lists/tasks needing action Originally I created notebooks for receipts, statements, money owed to me, books, internet websites, and appointments among others. I still have these notebooks but once I'm finished my massive batch of scanning materials I'll put the notes in these folders into the "@notes" notebook. I do have one worry about using this system in that I might forget what I actually have in storage. I know it will be easy to find the required notes but I'm just anxious in case I may forget what I'm filed away simply because I don't see the relevant notebook on the left hand side of evernote. I'd appreciate any thoughts or tips for my above system. Thanks.
  11. How bad is your handwriting? (just kidding) What is the type of document? PDF, jpeg? Are the documents with the handwriting in a synchronized notebook? Local notebooks don't get OCR'd. lol. Handwriting is fine They are in pdf format and in a synchronized nb.
  12. Yeah I'm a premium member. Signed up last up last week. Can't understand why I can't search handwriting?
  13. I've scanned and ocr'ed in pdf format a load of notes which contained a lot of my handwriting comments along with normal print. However, when I moved them over to evernote and tried searching for some handwritten words in the search box....nothing turned up. Zero. Am I doing something wrong or what? Really frustrated that none on my handwritten notes can be searched
  14. I tested out a few settings with the same 6 sheets from a magazine and this is the resulting file size. The image quality, color mode, and scanning side all remain the same: color/gray: 200dpi, B&W: 400dpi, Gray, Duplex Compression rate 3: File size of pdf: 3.02 mb Compression rate 5: File size of pdf: 1.27 mb B&W color mode: File size of pdf: 1.42 mb So from the few tests I carried out it seems the best file size is when I use gray color mode and a compression of 5. There's no difference from 3 to 5 in terms of any visual but the file size is reduced by 50% which is good. Typically what settings do people use for a normal text book of about 300 pages that they are scanning into ebook format? And what file size is the resulting pdf usually around?
  15. So I just scanned in my first magazine which was 110 pages in total and a file size of 51.9mb. I OCR'd the document before trying to move it to evernote, but as the file size is over the 50mb limit I'm stuck in wondering how I'll be able to get books scanned and converted over to evernote?? The settings I used in scansnap manager for my s1300 were: Image Quality: Better (color/gray: 200 dpi, B&W: 400 dpi) Color Mode: Gray Scanning Side: Duplex I'd the file option set to dpd and set to convert to searchable pdf. Compression rate: 3 Can anyone tell me how I'm going to be able to scan and put books/large volume pdf's into evernote? I don't mind putting magazines in gray mode as I thought it would help to keep the file size down. Thanks in advance.
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