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  1. So here's my workflow pattern. 1. Scan with s1300 snapscan. 2. OCR 3. Copy file from my "scan" folder to evernote 4. Move the file(s) into cabinet on organiser software. While this is fine, I feel that there's possibly a quicker way of improving my workflow? I want to OCR everything, but maybe I can get the scans into evernote quicker than copying from "scan" folder on desktop? But I also want a copy keep on my desktop. Any suggestions folks? Thanks.
  2. thanks for sharing your system! it sounds like you have a good mix of stuff that works for you. a couple ideas for keeping track of those notes. before moving the notes out of your notebooks, make an empty note, select them all, and drag them into the empty note. this will create note links to all of the notes. so, if you are ever worried about losing them, they are all there together. alternatively, you can tag them all before getting rid of the notebook. this has the added benefit of making it possible for you to sort by that tag if you are using windows. i definitely wouldn't keep the notebooks or, you can do both. it only takes a few seconds. Excellent stuff!!! Never knew about note links! I'll definitely be doing that asap! Brilliant tip thanks.
  3. Since I'm new to this digital method of storage via evernote I thought I'd let people know how I'm going about my organising! After a lot of research here and excellent advice I started out by using tags/keywords along with notebooks. Overkill I know, but after only a week at using this system it's not that hard to change over. So that's what I've done. Instead of tagging everything, I just use the popular method of Date, keyword keyword, keyword in the title. Already I can see the big advantage of using simple "intitle:" searches and not bothering about loads of tags. In saying that, I still have loads of pointless tags which I'll get around to deleting as I clean up. Notebooks are also plentiful in my evernote account which I will soon narrow down to just 3/4 instead of the current 24!!! I'm using a system from now on which has been talked about a lot both here and on the net. I've a "!inbox" notebook where all new notes are sent to be default. After I process/title/date the notes I'm current sending them into a "@notes" notebook which is like a general archive notebook for all my processed notes. I also have a "!Need to do" notebook which I've changed the created date to 31/12/2012 so that it stays up on top of all the notes. This way I can use this note as a todo list or for stuff that needs action soon. So in time I aim to have just the following notebooks: 1. !inbox - processing all new notes 2. @notes - general archive for processed notes 3. !need to do - for todo lists/tasks needing action Originally I created notebooks for receipts, statements, money owed to me, books, internet websites, and appointments among others. I still have these notebooks but once I'm finished my massive batch of scanning materials I'll put the notes in these folders into the "@notes" notebook. I do have one worry about using this system in that I might forget what I actually have in storage. I know it will be easy to find the required notes but I'm just anxious in case I may forget what I'm filed away simply because I don't see the relevant notebook on the left hand side of evernote. I'd appreciate any thoughts or tips for my above system. Thanks.
  4. How bad is your handwriting? (just kidding) What is the type of document? PDF, jpeg? Are the documents with the handwriting in a synchronized notebook? Local notebooks don't get OCR'd. lol. Handwriting is fine They are in pdf format and in a synchronized nb.
  5. Yeah I'm a premium member. Signed up last up last week. Can't understand why I can't search handwriting?
  6. I've scanned and ocr'ed in pdf format a load of notes which contained a lot of my handwriting comments along with normal print. However, when I moved them over to evernote and tried searching for some handwritten words in the search box....nothing turned up. Zero. Am I doing something wrong or what? Really frustrated that none on my handwritten notes can be searched
  7. I tested out a few settings with the same 6 sheets from a magazine and this is the resulting file size. The image quality, color mode, and scanning side all remain the same: color/gray: 200dpi, B&W: 400dpi, Gray, Duplex Compression rate 3: File size of pdf: 3.02 mb Compression rate 5: File size of pdf: 1.27 mb B&W color mode: File size of pdf: 1.42 mb So from the few tests I carried out it seems the best file size is when I use gray color mode and a compression of 5. There's no difference from 3 to 5 in terms of any visual but the file size is reduced by 50% which is good. Typically what settings do people use for a normal text book of about 300 pages that they are scanning into ebook format? And what file size is the resulting pdf usually around?
  8. So I just scanned in my first magazine which was 110 pages in total and a file size of 51.9mb. I OCR'd the document before trying to move it to evernote, but as the file size is over the 50mb limit I'm stuck in wondering how I'll be able to get books scanned and converted over to evernote?? The settings I used in scansnap manager for my s1300 were: Image Quality: Better (color/gray: 200 dpi, B&W: 400 dpi) Color Mode: Gray Scanning Side: Duplex I'd the file option set to dpd and set to convert to searchable pdf. Compression rate: 3 Can anyone tell me how I'm going to be able to scan and put books/large volume pdf's into evernote? I don't mind putting magazines in gray mode as I thought it would help to keep the file size down. Thanks in advance.
  9. I explained to my mother how easy and quick the system is plan on implementing for her once upon get my scanner delivered. For 35 years she's been doing all her tax/vat reports by searching through stacks and stacks of papers from her kitchen. She's finally accepted that the digital age is here for a reason Regarding tax/vat stuff, are there any tips or guidelines that I should follow in order to make life easier for me as I start scanning her papers?
  10. Ok, so i've created a load of notes either from my phone or from the web which I stick in my "!inbox" notebook to sort out later. So when I go through my !inbox nb and title/tag the notes, where do I put them them? I'd like to have my inbox empty and fresh but I don't have specific notebooks for all the different notes I've created and I don't want to go creating notebooks for everything? I've 20 notebooks already and I'll be getting rid of most of them over time. I'd just like to hear what ye folk have to suggest regarding how ye free up your inbox notebook so that its not full of new notes after you tag them. Thanks!
  11. Superb information amigo! Thanks for taking the time to reply. I like your 3 notebook style and I think I'll go down that route for my mums set up. She's not computer literate, but i will show her how to work Evernote and search for stuff. She will soon see the light when all she has to do is type a few letter and boom, the results are in front of her. No more going through stacks of papers on the table. I think a good title along with 1 general tag will be sufficient. For example a bank statement: date(on statement) bank name. And then tag it with "statement" then pop it into either active or archive notebook depending on time frame. One question about your active/archive notebooks.... How do I go about sorting or moving all my notes in the active nb to the archive nb when the notes are more than a year old etc?
  12. I will soon be organising my mothers business papers by means of a snapscan scanner and the wonderful Evernote. Basically I will be providing her with a digital copy of all her important receipts, tax sheets and everything relating to the paperwork side of her business. Normally the kitchen table is clustered with sheets of papers, bills and the usual stuff found in an unorganised environment. My question is simple. What's the best way to go about organising the above? Should I use tags or just titles? This will be my first time to use Evernote in this way so I want to get it right rather than going back and editing stuff later. I look forward to hearing your opinions. Thanks.
  13. Recently started using evernote after a long time of wondering exactly how it could benefit me. Well after about a week of playing around with it and adding notes etc, I quickly realised that this is the beast I needed to sort out my paper trail and also to possibly sort out my mums business in terms of organising her paperwork. So I went ahead a purchased the premium account today to give me maximum features. I also went ahead and bought a S1300 snapscan scanner as it had excellent reviews both here and elsewhere. I've two initial questions. 1. I intend to chop up a few books and scan them into evernote as pds's. Is it easy to create pdf's in this way, so that I can then transfer them onto my sony ereader in a format that will be easily readable on the ereader? 2. The maximum file size for one single note is 50mb. How can one go about decreasing the file size when creating pdf's as ebooks? Also, is there any way of decreasing the size of already made pdf's? For instance I've a few books in pdf format already but then are 80 - 100mb in size and therefore I can't transfer into evernote. I look forward to been part of this forum as its been a great source of help and info for me already. Thanks in advance for any help ye can provide.
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