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  1. Hi Megan, Thanks for answering. But what are the benefits for students? What would improve their education? because that's an innovation, improved somewhat. Would be more motivated? Will they learn more by using Evernote that using the computer as they used before (or pencil and paper)? Thank you. Pep
  2. Hi! Thanks. Yes, we can rephrase the question as: are there any innovative ways to use evernote in the classroom? For example, from my point of view: - we can say that we are the first to use Evernote, and that this is an innovation ---> (I disagree with that, because I think that this is not an innovation) - things we do with Evernote, were made or are made by combining, for example, other services such as online storage, wikis, etc. .. - digital competence can work, but students often know more about computers than teachers ---> it could be an innovation - ..... otherwise, the majority of videos about Evernote is all students with mac computer, with tablets, with smartphones, etc .... What about schools that can not afford a personal computer per student? no way to innovate in those schools with Evernote? Thank you, Pep
  3. Hola, To achieve innovation in education, is Evernote only a tool? I mean, what improvements are achieved with Evernote that can not get with other innovations? I see a PBL learning like an innovation, and I think Evernote is just a tool, not an innovation in teaching, right? What do you think?
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