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  1. thanks, I submitted a request few hours ago with an auto-answer ( to install evernote go to our website... double-click on the app... )... I Hope to got more sofisticated / customised answer next time... waiting... waiting... waiting... But having such problem is unbeliveable for an app that can be used for professionel purpose : simply cant uninstall/reinstall properly this app with few other people whose got same problem is... simply unbelivable for me... hopping an answer and may be more explanation about that "surprise"... and the "windows installer" service may be corrupted with evernote... not sure at all... but the problem appear after evernote update ( soft update ) : now windows installer is fine... just waiting to install EVERNOTE on my PC...
  2. After few Evernotes updates ... ok no problem... but one day... I see an error about windows installer appear... mmm ? So after that error I tryed to go back in time with Windows Vista recovery tools... same problem : no more windows installer "service" ... First of all I tryed a tool from microsoft to fix that problem : and he ask me the name of a programm to install or uninstall... so let's go for "Evernote"... Now : no more Evernote in the list of installed programms... But I list a lot of files linked to Evernote so I used "Revo Uninstaller" to remove Evernote : Revo remove lot of exe, dll, registry data... I found a solution about the "windows installer" (very hard to restore "windows installer" ... pffff... So now : "Windows Installer" is OK I can install and uninstall other programms I download the last Evernote Version... tryed to install it but an error message say that there is already an other version on my PC so it is impossible to install it... What can I do to re-install Evernote now ? I removed every evernote files in default directories ( program files, appdata, reg data) ... So : something from Evernote is still on my computer ? Where ? What ? How to remove It ? And so... How to reinstall it ? thank you for your consideration of this matter
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