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  1. This is still happening. Always has for me. Pasting to outlook, notepad, word. Always extra bullets, and extra lines. Using Simply Formatting before copying, does work. But why?
  2. Just returning to this thread, via a google search, because this problem has not been fixed. I regularly have issues cutting and pasting branched of list items, and I want to be able to do that, it's how organise my work. I think if the problem is not fixed by the time I have to renew, I will have to seriously think about switching to something else (no idea what, Google Drive maybe?) Please fix it, I really really like Evernote, but this issue is a productivity killer.
  3. Hello, long time Evernote supporter, becoming somewhat jaded. Created lists is so fundamentally important, it beggars belief that these issues have not been sorted out. Bullet points are not working, they do weird things, they don;t copy/paste intuitively either within notes or from Evernote to windows apps.
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