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  1. Am now on EN-Android 7.1.4 but the problem persists, albeit with a slight difference: the label 'Text selection' has disappeared but the selection is still greyed out. No Android update as far as I can tell. Note that I rarely run into the issue in my EN-A usage. Search in itself is fully functional and I backspace for typing errors instead of selecting query text. Would qualify this as glitch rather than bug.
  2. As per request by @EvernoteHelps on Twitter, I was asked to post this here. Description When trying to select text in the EN search field, the text gets covered by a label that says 'Text selection'. This prevents you from reading what you've selected and sensibly editing your query. Behavior type text in the search field then select it (to edit the query) Result all text gets covered with a green X and a label that says 'Text selection' Problem This prevents the user from seeing what is selected and in fact editing the query Expected See the selected text Be able to read, and edit as wanted EN app version: Android version: 4.4.2 Phone model: Wiko Jimmy (Tinno Mobile) Notes Unsure if this is an EN or an Android issue. Other apps do handle text selection as expected Note how the 'Text selection' label is green, not a system UI color. This persists after close, reboot etc. This isn't critical for general usage.
  3. You are talking about the web interface right? Because on Linux I don't have an app and wouldn't know. I've seen this, but only when I use the right-click option, not when I use the web clipper button. There seems to be a difference, even between these two. When it happens, and I have to go back to edit, I do a quick select all and cut from the note, then hit a couple of enters and paste the content back. That way, there are new paragraphs in the note I can use. But I know, it's a drag, like many of the web version's quirks. To be honest, I don't even see the point in these web clips; I prefer simple paragraph text. Adding to this to see if someone is able to provide a more technical explanation and then maybe a good workaround or solution.
  4. I checked and I am, but if this release came out yesterday, I'm not sure I noticed yet. Making this a note (how meta) and I'll try to get back. Thanks.
  5. I know (or I assume, at least) you'd love to test this and tackle it. But "consistently" seems to be key: I'm often rather rigorous about these things and have tried several settings and different situations but it seems terribly elusive and hard to accurately define. It almost annoys me as a challenging "problem" more than as a real bug. Happy hunting though, and thanks.
  6. Hi, obviously I've looked around for dupes, but most threads seem to talk about the clipper not grabbing enough: I'm seeing it clip too much. Have been for a while, but I thought I'd ask around now. Can't define it as a specific issue but even with "Preserve style" unticked, the clipper seems to grab a lot of stuff I don't want (often they're background images I suppose, or social media stuff, lots of comments and footers too). It's not so much a bug report or a complaint: I was just wondering, since Clearly seems to do a decent job of showing a clean, readable page of just content, why does clipper insist on grabbing these extras? I solve it by selecting just the paragraphs or clipping the print view, but that gets annoying. Should "Do not preserve styles" not mean: do not preserve any web page styling, just the copy text? If this is no dupe, and other feel the same (I know it's somewhat of a personal preference but still) I'm declaring this a feature request: clip readable view only. Some details: now I'm on Chromium 26 on Linux, latest clipper, but it's been the case on other platforms and browsers. Example page: any article from mindtools.com just now, but it happens elsewhere too. Screen here (edit: note how nothing here is actually part of the article): PS: I know about the selection arrows and I use them but it changes little. Thanks.
  7. Weird you never got a response here but I've seen it. After an Evernote break I really became a heavy user again summer of 2012 and even got a pro account. Then, late last year I began encountering this too. Typically it would suggest one notebook over and over -- granted, one I use a lot, but that shouldn't matter if the clip content clearly contains keywords indicating it should go into another. You'd think more notes would get better results over time, but it's getting worse again recently. Nothing big, but after a couple of bizarre clipping choices you start to notice and wonder.
  8. So many threads about this. First time ever tried Evernote, it happened. It still does, whatever OS or browser I've been on. You guys keep asking about version numbers and cookies and system settings, but it really doesn't seem to make a difference. I'm not pro anymore, so I'm not complaining. Just seems like something that's not up to the user, could be mended, and appears to work for a lot of other sites. Why not here?
  9. Just a shout that I've experienced this since forever (both Chrome and FF on Linux) but cookie settings seem to make no difference (although you should always check to rule it out). Now, I just don't bother anymore and am back to blocking trackers and third parties: the same, apparently random mechanisms seem to apply. That said: a lot of "Remember me" settings all over the web fail miserably; no idea why -- probably an issue with the cookie itself, not the settings. I would love a more aggressive sign-in method for those of us who're safe and secure on our home machines. Google never logs me out you know. Update: just noticed all the other various topics about sign ins. Responded to one there too but it seems all over.
  10. Why a third-party site? Which third party? And if it's a third party, how come I have to set the top domain as an exception (I do allow top domains to set cookies). Makes no sense, and to be honest, it's a lame fix, not a solution.
  11. Submitted this and got the reply that Evernote unfortunately has no control over the appearance or interface of the Play Store. Any localization issues must be due to faulty geolocation. Note: I find that a sad state of matters, where a publisher can't be sure their upgrade interface will appear as intended. People get scared away very quick, esp. when it happens in the transaction process. Thanks.
  12. Hi, I'm in Belgium. I haven't really experienced something exactly similar with other apps, but perhaps since it's a small country, geolocation and/or IP lookups do tend to vary wildly, e.g. I often get redirected to French language versions of websites. I'll submit the ticket this a.m. Cheers.
  13. [EDIT: RESOLVED] Hi, I was trying to pay for an extension of my premium account via the Play Store (because I had had some addressing issues via web and credit card) but noticed the info was displayed in Russian. I've been seeing Russian topics here, and doing a search I noticed there's more Russian around. Not an issue, but for renewing my premium over my Play and credit card account I would like to see what it is I'm actually paying for. First time I did this, everything was still in English...
  14. Got a small additional question so I'm bumping this before submitting a separate topic. I used to get this warning often when I had a smaller SD card but just recently encountered it again. No worries, I understand local data storage and management are personal choices and you can't "blame" Evernote for that. However, I do wonder why exactly the app needs this amount of space in the first place. I already have offline search and local notebooks unchecked, and I rely on the app solely as an interface to my online account (broadband is everywhere and my plan is good enough). So what needs to be chached locally? Isn't the whole point of an online service that you fetch what you need when you need it? I'm sure there's a technical explanation which I'm happy to accept, but in my mind online means online, not "online but stuff needs to go local too"... Or isn't that Cloud all it's made up to be?
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