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  1. Hey Guys, I like the look of the new beta - hoping this propagates to the Android version as well (clean white look, maybe with a dark theme option hint hint?). Anyway, small bug: Select a notebook, CTRL-select two tags, flip "All" to "Any", and no notes show up, even though each tag has notes in it. Saved it as a search, edited it to remove any notebooks, and still, no notes show up. any: tag:"tag1" tag:"tag2" Nothing gets returned. -Tom
  2. Hi there! I found some bugs - these have been around prior to this version, but I'm not sure if you're tracking them. If this isn't the best way to submit bugs please let me know and I'll follow the proper channels. Toolbar Any changes I make to the toolbar get reset when Evernote gets restarted (for me via reboot, I never actually exit Evernote). This is regardless of Standard Windows Menu being checked or not. Tag Double-Clicking It used to be when you double-clicked a tag, it would select "All Notes" in Notebooks. Now, double-clicking a tag removes any selected Notebooks (as well as selected tags). The behavior is the same as if you had All Notes selected, but it also unselects the current tag, and you can't CTRL-Click additional tags. Steps to reproduce: Click a notebook. Double click a tag -> You're looking at "All Notes" for the double-clicked tag, but the tag is no longer selected. Ctrl-click another tag -> You're looking at notes from "All Notes" for only the currently-selected tag, and no notebook or tag is selected. Previous tag has been forgotten. Desired behavior: double-clicking a tag selects "All Notes". I don't actually care if the tag remains selected or not, I can just select it again. Thanks! -Tom
  3. I got a reply from support, they acknowledged that it was a bug and that an internal bug report was filed. Multi-tag selection seems like a pretty big piece of functionality, so hopefully this gets queued right behind any fatal bugs!
  4. I've already sent a ticket to support about this, but thought I might get better insight here. So on my phone, I select a tag, it immediately slides over the notes for that tag, as expected. If I slide left-to-right, it goes back to the home screen (where you have the 4 icons and Notes, Notebooks, Tags, etc). On my tablet, when I slide left-to-right on the notes for a tag, I get the tag display again, so I can select additional tags. The tablet works like I'd expect, the phone doesn't, and it's really bugging me that I can't select multiple tags on the phone without using Advanced Search, which is cumbersome for quick things. I uninstalled EN on the phone, installed the latest beta, still the same. I've scoured settings, nothing. I have to assume that the code just decides my screen is too small and just takes me back to the home screen. Let me know if there's something I can do to get multi-tag select on the phone. Thanks!
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