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  1. For Group Sponsored Account, only the owner of the account can create tags so in some way it has prevented the issue of populating others' account. On a separate note, the whole purpose of tagging is for users to see notes with similar elements, right? I have spent hours chatting with the CS staff before posting here. The functions you mentioned for Delete and Move are prohibited for Desktop App users when they access the shared notebooks of sponsored group account. I wish I can find simple solution to this.
  2. I have recently opened a group sponsored account and have everything related to my company moved to this account and then shared the notebooks to colleagues. Then, we found out the tag function is not working. The list of tags are totally segregated between individual shared notebooks which means if you click in the tag, only those notes with the same tag in the same notebooks are shown. THERE IS NO WHERE TO SEE ALL TAGS AND NO WAY TO BRING ALL NOTES WITH THE SAME TAG TOGETHER IF THEY ARE IN DIFFERENT SHARED NOTEBOOKS. What's the point of tagging? We cannot believe Evernote have not thought about this when rolling out the coporate account idea!! Moreover, some basic functions available at Evernote Web are not applicable to the desktop app. So basic that I'm just talking about deleting a note or moving it to another notebook! This is causing so much more work to the admin staff of the company! These flaws must be fixed NOW!!!!
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