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  1. Hi, It seems that EN doesn't detected changes on attached documents. What I do: I have a note with an attached document. I double click on that document and the related application opens the document. I do some changes, save the modifications and close the still attached document. I let EN send updates into the cloud. Problem: EN does not send the updated file into the cloud. For me that is a horrible problem since I work for quite a file on that way. I can modify the files. I can see that the changes are there (if I double click again) but changes are not in the cloud. @EN: WOuld be nice to fix this issue.
  2. That Feature is already there. Select a note a press 'delete'. But ok, if you do not have a full size keyboard then you might missing the key. @EN: I would like to have a item in one of the menus 'Delete Note'. Such an item would it make possible to use user defined shortcuts.
  3. ftp tel:// (a url for phone numbers) aim: (instant messaging) callto: (skype) cvs: (software versioning) svn: (the same but different protocol) facetime: (videochat) finger: not for ***** h323: voice and video chat imap: like mail but for a direct access on a imap account mailto: ... Well, I think the list is long enough. :-) To be honest: I think that Evernote is a kind of internet application. And for internet application there is a RFC which describes the concept of URIs: http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3986 So the trick won't be to support one or two more protocols but the 'Unified Resource Identifier' concept. Kind Regards PS: The stars after the term 'finger:' are interesting. What did I write original? :-)
  4. It has been said ... but has it been tested? :-) Lets assume someone has a couple of notes and makes a backup with time machine. Then EN cloud gets broken (for whatever reason) and EN doesn't know the notes any more. With Time Machine the user can now go back to a former state of _his_ harddisk. But his EN-client will do a resync with EN cloud and all notes will be removed again? Since that the complete information would be: Use time machine for backup but in case of the unbelievable accident don't start the EN client but open a support ticket? Or is EN aware of time machine like the build-in Apple programs? (For Windows-User: I can open the address tool and the time machine shows me the addresses which I had some when in the past). Kind Regards
  5. Hi, If I copy a note than EN simply copy the note. Well done... ;-) But I would like to see and even would expect that EN ask me for a topic title for the new note. I have a couple of templates and copy them. The templates have names like 'template for work report' or 'template for diary'. Nice would if EN opens a small dialog box use the template name as default text and offers me a possibility to change the topic for the note. Kind Regards
  6. No no. For some reason I cannot add a picture. But you can zoom into the map. The only between my real location an the flag on the EN card is: My Mac is (of course) in my house but the flag is in front of my house.
  7. Plus: - No 'Back' Button - I miss a list of notebooks somewhere where they are visible all the time (ok, workaround: drop all notebooks into the favorites bar)
  8. Hi EN, The new geolocation feature for EN is unbelievable. It is able to detect the location of my Mac with precision of 20 meters. How do you do that? By Magic? :-) It is perfect! Kind Regards
  9. Edit: Please ignore this my Bug posting: After the database reorganisation for EN5 moving of orders works.
  10. I guess it is still there: Try to press <tab>. Or do you mean something different? Yes, the icon is gone, which is bad. But indenting while typing text still works.
  11. might be a stupid question... but why don't you remove those tags? They are unassigned so you don't use them... :-)
  12. Hi, 1. I send content by email into my default folder (input) 2. I make a refresh 3. The new note appears in my input folder (fine) 4. I select a new target folder via the folder drop down list --> doesnt work, the note won't be moved 5. I try to move the note by drag&drop over the feature list --> doesn't work, the note won't be moved @EN: I guess that this is a bug, is there a workaround? Kind Regards
  13. +1 @EN. Like Starkos I use EN in a Wiki-Style. For that I need the common browser buttons like 'back' and 'next'. It would be nice to get them into the icon bar and it would be nice to have an entry into the menu so that a user can assign a keybord shortcut.
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