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  1. As a workaround: You could add a tag to each note with the creation month and year. Might even be more useful since you will usually not looking for the date when you created to note but for the time when invoice has been written/created and both dates might differ.
  2. Your time for research will come! One of the biggest mistakes I made while I studied was to ignore my thesis and the work I do today. I might be good (that is what I know now) to attend to a course like 'the art of sientific work' or 'how do I write my thesis' at the beginning of a study. In such a course you can learn what you need for research and how to collect information in a correct manner. If you do it on the right way from the beginning then your whole study will be much more easy and you will have lot of free time to spend at starbucks while you classmates struggle with their thesis.
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