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  1. What do you mean? People say "I think there is something wrong with adding more levels" and you conclude that it's not a disagreement? Or that no one said that there is something wrong so no one is disagreeing? You used a paradoxical form of syntax, do you see it? We can interpret the meaning in both ways (the word "by" is ambiguous). I'll just comment the end : if 3 millions or even 3 billions of people are fine with a system, it does not mean for me that this system is valid or better than an other. No, that's why I said it was just a picture. Can we see a dev here? How can we submi
  2. According to the fact I've been kicked all my life by people and socially excluded, I find the accusation funny. I never kick people, I never sulk them (only if they exclude something, by denying it with no explaination wich is for me a defeat by forfeit), I certainly never exclude them, I never close threads (very common reaction on the web, I'm surprise this discussion isn't already locked). Firstable, I don't think devs have reached a different conclusion. They create 2 levels of nested notebooks. Why not only 1, if tag is the final solution? Where is the proof of that conclusion? Secondly,
  3. My opinion now, is the following. When I discovered the web, I instantly had all this thoughts coming to my mind : Information is drowned under a sea of useless information for me at the moment. Indeed I need to read an entiere page before finding it, and often I don't find it and I go back into the search result to try something else. It take time for me to find information : many results displayed in the search engine. When I find it, information is partial/fragmented. I need to search again : so, in fact, information is dupplicated everywhere. So, I asked myself : why not so
  4. I understand your point of view, but I don't have enough money to have iPhones, iPad etc. Moreover I don't like the idea to switch from a device to another for the same activity, just because people don't want to gather them on the same software. We should do Notemanagers / Stickies / Driagrams both on computers, smartphone and tablets, and let the people chose what they want to use instead of forcing them. Correction : "is not enough efficient, and need to have a complementary feature". Not the best way don't mean to replace it with an other. You'll understand what I mean just below.
  5. I don't see this as an advantage, but as a disadvantage : - the list of tags can be... infinite ! - how having a full visibility of all the tags existing (to choose the good ones), when they are displayed in a bulk list? - folders make possible to gather some similar concepts : without them, how do I sort my bulk list of thousands of tags? Not me. I don't want to add a new feature. I just want the devs to "unblock" a feature. They created the possibility to create one sub-level, there is no valid neither logic explaination to limit this function during the development. They're just lazy to
  6. The attitude of many devs and moderators, wich is fanatism and close-minded, is much more negative than fighting it. Here again, what is being close-minded : [EDIT:] Content deleted by moderator. Please watch the language. http://discussion.ev...ore&module=help The bolded sentence is very important. Evernote proposes... notes, notebooks. So, the logic of development is : I open my eyes, I watch around how we usually make a Notes Manager, and I use the best ideas. What people need? They need to save their ideas, not only like traditionnal reminders, we have Stickies or PNotes for this. Idea
  7. It's not an ordinary tree structure. Please explain what is the problem with implementing more sub-levels. Thanks a lot. Cheers.
  8. Thanks guys for your answers ! @jefito : unfortunatly tags are not the solution, because I feel the need to deploy trees, sub-trees etc. Let's imagine I want to create a 2nd sub-level by cheating and using tags, all these tags will be bulk (is this the right expression in english?) and not connected to any stack/notebook. I could have a thousand tags bulk, lol ! Impossible... Anyway, thank you for this idea. @JMichael : Yeah, MyNotesKeeper is impressive : - for the tabs - for the hierarchical - the possibility to export in .CHM (Windows Help File), I love this ! One other similar software is T
  9. Hi I'm new in Evernote. I'm basically a MyNotesKeeper user, and I've a request about the tree on the left panel ! In MyNotesKeeper, we can have main categories displayed by tabs (on the top), and we can create as many notes and sub-notes as we want in these categories ! I absolutely need the possibility to create as many sub-trees as I want !! For me, it's a must-have, a basic function. Why? Because of this : http://www.evernote....41d6785f24375d9 My use of a notes manager is more complex than what you propose : I sort my thoughts in many subtrees, as you see. I don't understand why yo
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