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  1. I have seen a lot of threads suggesting a reinstallo to fix the ipad issue (not showing any notes) however this is not the issue I see. I have tried a reinstall but I am still finding a lag between syncing from the desktop to the iphone after forced syncs, I am also still seeing the evernote preview (in app) windows showing the correct update but when clicking into the note it's the previous version prior to being updated. Does anybody know what frequency the new background sync is configured for?
  2. Hi guys, I am really liking the new features and redesign of evernote (50/50 on the colours) but functionality is great. I do have a quick question I'm hoping somebody can assist with regarding the sync feature. I am finding that after updating a note on my work laptop evernote and syncing it's not replicating on my iphone. I have tried several forced sync's on the iphone, sometimes the front screen preview note will show the update but once you click to access the note it reverts to the previous version (prior to the update). I know the new ios7 now has background sync but surely a forced sync will push all updates through? Kind Regards Tylor
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