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  1. I am an interaction designer by profession and agree with the original poster. I don't know your userbase and design goals, but already for many years now I see the overall benefits to rather default to "keep file names as-is" and not to "auto correct filenames for maximum compatibility across systems and servers". If you have your very good reasons for auto-renaming, could you at least offer a preference "[√] Auto correct filenames for maximum compatibility across systems and servers" and set it to checked by default, or if you don't even want this, at least allow power users to change this via config file or OS X's defaults command line app or Windows' registry?
  2. Has this been implemented meanwhile? I am asking as I still use Skitch 1.0.9 within Mac OS X 10.6.8 and newer versions of Skitch require 10.7+, and a newer Skitch (i.e. the pixelate feature) + proper QuickLook handling of .skitch files would be a motivation to update to OS X 10.9 Mavericks.
  3. I guess this is very little effort to implement. Because if you change the file suffix .skitch to .svg, Finder already shows the correct Quick Look and icon-preview picture. This means that Quick Look already has a proper handler for base64 encoded images within .svg files, and I guess the Skitch application just needs to register the .skitch suffix with that handler, that should be all. This would be very handy, as users could then: quickly browse through screenshots in Finder (as with .PNGs) but still edit them (not possible with .PNGs, only with .SKITCH) no need to keep 2 redundant versions of it (PNG for Quick Look, .SKITCH for later re-editing)
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