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  1. Thank you for responding to us, gbarry, and letting us know that Penultimate for Android is at least still in the works. Eagerly waiting...
  2. My guess would be that it's a bigger market for them. But lots of us who have android devices also have iOS devices, or our family members have them, and between being able to use our favorite app on one, and not the other...the disparity just leaves a bad taste for EN...
  3. My premium membership just ran out and I'm not renewing it, due to this very issue. It's not just the fact that android users haven't been given Penultimate, but also the fact that no one from Evernote has given us enough respect to tell us WHY.
  4. This issue for me, is a major one, sososo I've been watching and waiting before renewing my premium membership. My membership is almost up and it's not looking good. I love Evernote, but the lack of response to and interest in, the needs and requests of android users really dissapoints me.
  5. This issue, for me, is a major one, and I've been watching and waiting before renewing my premium membership. My membership is almost up and it's not looking good. I love Evernote, but the lack of response to, and interest in, the needs and requests of android user's, is disappoiting in the extreme.
  6. Thanks so much you guys! I had the same sync issue on my Toshiba Thrive Android Tablet. Came to the forum the other day to search for a solution, only to find that the forum was down because of the hacker situation. As soon as I found the site to be up tonight, I found this thread, emptied the trash from my Windows Evernote client, and voila! All better Thanks BUNCHES
  7. T Thank you for responding back, James. On the tablet, she asked me to log in to Evernote, and a message at the bottom of her screen said "contacting Evernote" then "Evernote login failed" So she never brought up the Evernote signin screen, and didn't recognize when I went to the sign in screen manually and signed in.I installed Caroline on my phone, and it does work there, at least partially. When I tap her she says "Please sign in to Evernote" and brings up the sign in screen. I did get to set a few reminders, but when I say "Show me my reminders" they only come up about half the time. The rest of the time I get a screen that says "Reminders" but the page is blank. I'll keep checking back from time to time. I think this will be a really good app to have in conjunction with Evernote...especially if you add the ability for Caroline to pop up and remind me to do something at a predetermined time.
  8. Hi James! I installed Caroline on my tablet. When I tried to use it, she said "Please sign in to Evernote." I was already signed in through the Android Evernote app, but I signed out, then signed back in, and waited for my note snippets to rebuild before trying again. I got the same response. I then went to the web sign in, and signed in there and tried Caroline again, but got the same response. Am I doing something wrong? Since I can't actually use the app yet, the only two suggestions I have so far are: the option to use Caroline in landscape mode on tablets. I almost never use my tablet in portrait, except occasionally for reading books. The other thing I noticed is that the way she says "Evernote" is a little strange...sounds like Evernhaught. I'm looking forward to this app. I can see it being really useful along with Evernote right now. I've gone through almost all of the devcup entries, and of the ones I would be able to use on my device, there were only a handful that I noted that I was really excited about, and Caroline is one of them.
  9. Add me to the list of Premium users who are requesting the ability to choose the path for Evernote to save files to. Having to copy/move files manually or use a convoluted workaround is a real pain. This was being discussed in a tablet forum I belong to, and others expressed their frustration with this issue as well. Just wondering why we aren't being given this option? Is there some reason it just can't be done, or is it that only a relative few of us are requesting it? This issue it the one thorn in my side in an otherwise wonderful Evernote experience.
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