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  1. Appreciate greatly the feedback! Problem I am having in establishing best workflow to get my photos (in my camera roll) of pages from books (research) into Evernote the least painfully is my routes to do so are compromised/even downright blocked. My computer is too full, waiting for relief via my moving my photo library to exterior harddrive etc. ALL on the to-do list of trying to get too... I GNASH my teeth as bringing my text photos into my bulging computer is not possible at this time, but definitely warrants another look down the road as a better workflow possibility after I address the computer clogs. TY for future insight! I did try opening Evernote on my iPad and bringing in text photos in new note. It is readable pages but surprising in I wasn't expecting to see photos as they are in camera roll, was expecting to see text only versions. Thus I am now thinking I best edit the photos of text BEFORE I import them into Evernote?? I was hoping to skip that step:) I am also thinking most likely I am making the notes far too large as I am including 10 - 15 pages of photos of book pages in a note, largely to keep subjects grouped by book source I am using in my research. Is there a way to see how large the notes are after importing?? Selecting the photos within Evernote app is a process I am doing one photo at a time, surprisingly I did not see a way to select a range of photos. Is there a way to select a range within the Evernote app?? Also, while I am asking for help now in importing text photos into Evernote under my current inefficient workflow, I greatly appreciated links you provided above to help me establish better workflow in the future (reading the link info!). I greatly believe I need to make this upload process more manageable. I am fighting OVERWHELM from too much data clogging too many devices...with the goal of utilizing my Evernote Premium account for much needed relief! Thanks for the help!
  2. Instead of using the best workflow app for uploading text to Evernote (Premium), being in a hurry I used my iPhone camera to capture pages from book, and NOW I am trying to figure out the quickest way to get my text (pages from book/research) uploaded to Evernote?? I) Email each page to my Evernote email account, 2) Create new Evernote note and use camera feature within note to upload text to new note...OR....??? I am also wondering which method allows OCR to be done on text uploading? Will a photo of text be treated as a image or will it be processed as text via Evernote Premium OCR upload process? Also, WHICH apps are best for taking photos of text from a book to upload into our research notebooks? Scanning apps that OCR before uploading to Evernote?? I need quick fix to get this project material uploaded to my Evernote Research Notebook. And also to retrieve the other mounds of research I did using my iPhone camera app, photos of book pages I need to also upload to Evernote to include in my other research notebooks. I am definitely trying to establish a much better workflow for uploading research camera text photos into Evernote. Greatly appreciate the help on this!!
  3. What is the best resolution size to select to exporting into EN? I FINALLY found a great iPhone/iPad app to help me with BATCH camera exports from my mobile devices (iPhone/iPad) to EN via the "Photogene" app."Photogene" also gives me export file size choices of 1) Resolution size: 200. 320, 640, 800, 1024, 1600, 2048, & 2592 (default original size), & 2) DPI: 72x72, 96x96, 150 x150, 180x180, 200x200. I do not know what is lowest 1) resolution size & 2) DPI size I can choose that will still let me be able to read my documents well? While I am a premium EN user, large file sizes could still be prohibitive as I have quite a photo backlog of research photos (document pics + photo pics). "Photogene" app also had great reviews for editing photos..but for me my #1 find for it was to find a way to bring in a large number of related photos from my devices directly into EN at once, eliminating the emailing pic by pic time consuming export nightmare. Due to the backlog of photos I have, I need large batch exporting directly into EN that bypasses my plugging my devices into my also full computer. In the future I will be changing my photo export workflow, beginning with using "FastEver Snap-Camera for Evernote" app which also allows choosing image sizes from original size, UXGA(1600 × 1200), XGA(1024 × 768), VGA (640 × 480) and QVGA (320 × 240). (Default is XGA). Of course looking for guidelines of best file size choice for that export too!??? Image sizes are compressed for sending small file sizes as well & it supports EN notebook and tags too. Have other EN users tried this app for quick pics on their mobile devices for easy exporting into EN?? What file sizes did you choose? I will also be using "kooaba Shortcut" app to take pictures of pages in newspapers and magazines to save a digital copy straight into my EN account. I do alot of research in books and take photos to remember key points. Currently I use either camera app on mobile device or sometimes "GeniusScan" app, which I really like! Just discovered can export from "Genius Scan" straight into EN too! WHAT has been your best workflows from getting your mobile devices photos into EN?? Best resolution sizes??
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