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  1. Thank to this topic, that's what I am searching for, I am trying to find out the impact of large pdf might be on the performance of searching in evernote, currently I am doing complete digitizing for all my books(I don't have too many print books, about 50 books , most of them are textbook from my master degree and doctor degree study). So I cutted books' spine, scanned some of them, realized the pdf size is big problem, without compressing further, 1000 pages occupes 340mb! I can't tolerate the lower quality of scanned images, so I think I won't be able to compress a lot for these pdfs:( I plan to make then smaller than 50MB per files due to Evernote's limitation, and put them in separate notebook. I think the non-searchable information equals garbage, I love Evernote!
  2. Actually this is not tough at all. After you have captured the text and images to Evernote, just right-click on the image of interest and select "Open with ..." and choose your favorite image editing app. Using Skitch or SnagIT you can easily crop, resize, rotate, and annotate the image, and save it back to the same Note. as of today, unfortunately there is no app on iPhone can let you resize the image.
  3. I do think this topic should be risen the concerns as much as possible to have the ability of choosing different uploading images size, like in dropbox, there are 3 different options, for those who want to upload the original, for those who doesn't care original size but capacity effective uploading, come on, let's do something, Evernote team!
  4. I have experienced the same issue these days, it becomes very irritating when I have to manually right click on pdf and choose "actual size" for every single docs I import!
  5. I also agree with lifEmbellishment, this is crucial function needs to be included in EN asap, similar issue with PDF type file. I love EN, however, I understand nothing is perfect, hope EN can improve continuously.
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