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  1. Thanks Jefito. I did test moving notes with reminders and they stayed intact but I wasn't sure if converted notebooks would exhibit the same behaviour. I suppose I could have created a small test notebook to try it out. Thanks for your input.
  2. Hi all, I just signed up for Business and am in the process of migrating thousands of notes from my personal account. One notebook in particular contains about 100 notes with reminders. When a notebook is converted will those reminders still be there or are they lost in the conversion process? Thanks!
  3. Right click on the header of the in-line document and you will see the option to "view as attachment".
  4. I'm a heavy user of the reminders feature in Evernote for Mac. When the little calendar pops down while choosing a date for the reminder, I'd love to see it showing a "heat map" that indicates which days already have a lot of reminders. The days, for example, could be white, yellow, orange or red depending on the number of reminders on any given day. This would be similar to the year view in the calendar app on Mac OSx (shown in attached image). . I understand this is probably one of those things that might only be useful for a niche group of evernote users, but it really would be helpful when scheduling a reminder.
  5. Mr.e, here's a link to quick tutorial in case you need it. http://evertips.postach.io/post/evernote-quick-tip-assign-a-keyboard-shortcut-for-note-links-retrieval
  6. I'm loving the new features in Evernote for iPhone (5.4), especially the related/recent notes at the bottom. I just wanted to point out to any devs listening in that that the note I'm looking at doesn't need to be in the recent notes. Not sure if this is happening to everyone or not, but it's consistent on my device. Again, love the updates!
  7. Hi Brian, I ended up signing out of 2 step, then signing back in. It helped... but, this is the second time this has happened and I'm convinced that the problem will happen again. It's also inconvenient because I had printed and tucked away the backup access codes which had to be re-issued after 2 step was turned back on.
  8. Hi everyone, hoping you can help me with a problem I'm having. As soon as two step authentication was made available, I turned it on for my account. Today, however, EN on my mac asked for my password, and then, as expected, asked for the 2 step PIN. The PIN was successfully sent to my phone but after entering the PIN, the continue button does nothing. No error, or anything, the button just depresses then goes back to as it was. I've tried reinstalling Evernote (evernote.com version, not mac app store version) but it didn't help. I don't want to delete my database on the mac and resync either because I have a large local folder. I've considered turning 2 step off and then back on again, does that sound like a good idea? Would that give me new emergency access codes or would the old ones stay active? BTW, Mac Evernote client and Mountain Lion are up to date. Thanks in advance for your sage advice!
  9. Loving the Skitch integration. Or at least I think I will. After installing the beta a 2 factor authentication window popped up. The code was sent to my phone as expected but clicking on continue does nothing. This happened on first sync after installing the beta, anyone else seeing this error? I seem to be locked out so will have to roll back a version.
  10. Any word yet on a beta that tackles this issue? I keep track of business contacts with EN and have a text expander snippet that I use to quickly search my contact database. The snippet expands to: notebook:crm tag:contacts intitle: and then I add the name of the contact after intitle: Until today this worked flawlessly but now continually shows 0 results until I remove the intitle: operator. Can't wait 'till the search is back up to snuff, Thanks!
  11. that seemed to do the trick. Any idea why that wouldn't work with the mac app store version?
  12. thanks, I'll give it a try tomorrow morning and report back.
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