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  1. You meant the fact that Evernote for Android is on version 4.3 while Evernote for iOS is on version 5? I think this is just versioning on two different platforms and shouldn't imply one is better than the other. Afaik this latest iOS's release only brought the iOS version more on par with its Android counterpart.
  2. This version works fine for me, didn't encounter loading error as mentioned above. However, the installation process had taken an unusually long time, quite possibly up to 3 minutes. By the way, I didn't install the widget.
  3. I use a scanner app (Handy Scanner Pro) to scan documents, including business cards, and then share/send it to Evernote in pdf format. Says you take front and back of a name card, it will be converted into a 2-page pdf file. It will be just one pdf file rather than 2 image files. I don't see why you need one notebook for each person even if there were two images since a note can contain multiple attachments. Simply create one note for each name card and tag it with "contact" or something that serves your purpose.
  4. I was able to access Evernote forum with Tapatalk (Android), but when I tried to log in, I got a "Failed to connect to forum..." message. Anyone here has the same problem?
  5. I have similar problem today. I shared a notebook with a friend, but she still hasn't received the sharing notification. Also, I helped a friend of mine register an Evernote account, but the verification email never arrive. Evernote really needs to allocate some supports during the weekend.
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