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  1. Awesome share! Thanks. I just tried this method and find it to be the most direct route. I had a couple of issues compressing videos more than 2 minutes using the lowest (good) quality. I found that if I went to medium (better), it worked. This compressed a 2.16 minute video at 345 MB to 12 MB which is fantastic for Premium accounts. This will be very helpful to teachers. I appreciate the share. I'll be sure to add an update to my blog with a hat tip to John! Rhonda
  2. Hi Dawn, I would recommend taking a look at Purely Paperless blog. This post talks about creating checklists for teachers. Also, my school is creating student portfolios. Our purpose is to develop student self-awareness, but you might find some information you can use as you look to organize for CCSS. Good luck. Rhonda http://rgmteach.edublogs.org/
  3. Thanks for the feedback, Karen. Please stay in touch. I would love to connect with other educators using Evernote for portfolios. I taught Kindergarten before moving into my new role. I used Evernote extensively to document student information. I am currently looking at various tools and apps that our preschool and K/1 teachers can use to capture learning for the portfolios. I received an email today about the new Evernote for Mac. I was holding my breath as I went through the new features. I thought I was going to get my wish that in note video had been added - maybe next time. Looks like some amazing new features are being added the the Mac platform, however. Take care.
  4. Thank you for the resource. I appreciate it. As a tool for more than 100 teacher users and 200 student users, we need the compressor to be inexpensive. iMovie is already installed on their computers and the Video Compressor app is free.
  5. Thanks for the clarification. Looking forward to Christmas!
  6. Not sure you still need advice but... Our school set up Evernote for student portfolios this summer. I contacted Evernote through the chat and was directed to an account rep that helped us set up a site license. The site license allows us to pay for our premium accounts through annual invoicing rather than monthly on a credit card. We purchased premium accounts for all of our faculty and students at the education rate because we wanted them to have the enhanced space and sharing features. We set up almost 400 accounts manually because there was no batch create option. I'm not sure if there is now a different/better option available by considering Evernote Business. I haven't checked. But our students are elementary aged and I didn't want them creating their own accounts. Plus the youngest do not have access to their email addresses for security reasons. If you would like to see how we are exploring student portfolios with Evernote, visit my blog TRUE Learning. Good luck.
  7. Organization is certainly a preference. I prefer to set up notebooks for each child and make a stack for the entire class (like a book shelf). This is helpful when writing about a particular child. You can see each of the notes you have made about that child on the left side of your screen while creating a new note about the child on the right side of the screen. This is especially nice when writing progress reports. If you have everything in one notebook and sort by tags, you don't have the opportunity to write and review previous notes at the same time.
  8. My first wish for Christmas is that Evernote will make in note video available. Until then, I have found a way to get videos into portfolios and wanted to offer our solutions to anyone else that is interested. I have written full directions on my blog TRUE Learning. Here is the basic information: From iPad or iPod - use the free app Video Compressor to compress the size of the video. Upload the smaller video file to Dropbox. Attach the video file into a note. This compressor significantly decreases the file size and only takes two clicks to work. From digital camera - upload the video onto your computer. Import it into iMovie as a new project. Share the project by choosing 'export movie'. Choose the mobile device size and then export. I'd love to hear of any other quick and easy ways to get videos (longer than 30 seconds) into Evernote. Thanks.
  9. My school is using Evernote as part of a dual platform portfolio system. We use Evernote for archiving student work and personal reflections. We chose Evernote because it is so easy to use. It can be used on the iPads by younger students and teachers moving throughout the classroom. The in note camera (for photos) and audio recording capabilities are exactly what is needed for observing and capturing the learning of elementary school students in and out of school. However, we are having a hard time capturing videos and I would really appreciate some help with this. Videos captured on the iPads will only mail into Evernote at 30 second clips. Even those videos we Dropbox onto the Macs are too large to go into the note. 1. Can someone help me with an easy and quick compression tool that doesn't turn this into a multistep process? 2. Does anyone know of a timeframe for when Evernote might add a video in note option? I feel that this is a critical piece for student portfolios and Evernote seems to be exploring this as a serious business strategy. Thanks. If you are interested in following our student portfolio work, please see my new blog TRUE Learning.
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