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  1. We desperately need dual monitor support!!! - I would pay money! Dual/multi monitor setups are becoming way more common than people tend to think (seen other forums where people say that dual display support isn't in high demand)
  2. Just recently found out about Evernote + Sticky Notes - It's changed my life!!! lol The "Sticky Notes" app is awesome!, but it lacks the ability to show up on any other monitor other than the main one. When you drag a note to another monitor it goes into no-man's-land (disappears). This in my opinion is really setting me back on my usage plans for Evernote. Does anyone have any info on whether this is being looked into or not? Being in front of a PC for most of my day at work has changed the way I look at my PC at home. I'd love for both to be organized and configured the same way as well as contain the same data. Evernote is everything I've been looking for and more to optimize the majority of my time. Making dynamic data accessible/synced across multiple machines (home, work & mobile) is becoming the most sought after commodity in my opinion. And being someone who loves physical sticky notes; once I found that Evernote and Sticky Notes work together I thought it was a god-send! Both applications work great, are easily operated and are perfect for me, but I wish development on them was a bit faster. I would gladly pay $$ for more capabilities.
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