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  1. @jbignert I'm having the same problem with crashes with every clipping, although the clipped articles do wind up making it to your server and on to my client. Accessing Gmail via the address bar did not resolve the issue for me. Win 7 Pro SP1 Chrome 32.0.1700.72
  2. Are you kidding me?!? This new version runs like molasses! When using the keyboard to move down through the snippets list, the note pane is so slow to update that you lose track of where you are. The feeling of synchronization, which the prior version displayed, has evaporated. And the tab key! Have you seen what it does? Completely hosed. And...the new installation broke my shortcut keys to the app. And to add insult to injury, it's just gone into the old "Not Responding" state for the second time in ten minutes. You need some more experienced people on the QA/Testing side. These kind of amateur mistakes are really inexcusable! How can I revert back to the prior version?
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