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  1. Thank you, DeviousScissors. Seems not logical to attach something (a microphone in this case) to record a new message but I see you are correct.
  2. I have been using the audio notes for months and now with new app update and iOS7 update, I can't find a way to start a new audio note. Did you discontinue that option?
  3. Thanks, folks, for your insights. This helps a lot.
  4. Hi there, My organization would like to produce a commemorative book for our upcoming 100th anniversary. I am contemplating on opening a group account for the purpose of collaborating on this project. If one is created, I see how group members are invited and accepted, however; I have some questions: What is the annual cost for a group account? (Couldn't find this on your website) How best would you advise organizing Evernote for a project of this nature? Notebooks or tags? We know that we want to organize the research by decade and within each decade to have folders or notebooks or tags for people, places and things. I don't understand what a "stack" is? Do we have to be concerned by the amount of data we would accumulate for a project of this nature? What are the risks in loosing or having members inadvertently delete notebooks or notes. Does anyone have examples of a project of this nature using Evernote? Thanks.
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