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  1. Thanks! I am at work messing around with the web-interface now but was going to try the Ctrl_click way on the desktop app once I got home this evening. Rick
  2. One more question. Since this thread rather quickly veered off the original subject matter, is there any way for me or perhaps a moderator to add another tag to it? Perhaps "folders vs tags"? Other people might also find this thread helpful for that discussion. Rick
  3. Excellent! That gives me the exact same fuctionality I was looking for, at least on the desktop and web apps. I had been trying to click on the tags in the left sidebar but that only allowed me to search that one tag and not narrow to notes with that tag and also another by clicking another tag. I had tried typing more tags in the search bar as well but had not yet learned that I needed to add the word Tag: in front of it. Works perfectly now, though having to actually type in the tags isn't quite as quick and simple as clicking on them in succession to narrow results down. Nevertheless, it wi
  4. Wow! Lots of food for thought. These are all valid considerations for me to mull over. I had perhaps 100 notes in Catch so far with only two streams and had not yet had a problem finding anything but it just seemed too limiting knowing that I could only create one more stream for free. But one concern I have with a too tag heavy approach is not wanting to have to spend 5 minutes on every note looking through a huge list of tags trying to decide how many are truly applicable and important to a single notebook approach. Perhaps I am overthinking it tough or getting the wrong idea about this appr
  5. OK. Thanks! I'll keep your advice in mind as I continue to decide how I really want my Evernote set up in the long term. I currently have 28 notebooks but am still trying to decide if that number should be more, less, or is about right for the number of subjects. It's kind of a balancing act between the effective use of stacks, notebooks, and tags.
  6. Just recently started using Evernote again after having installed it several years ago and not really getting into it. But things have changed in the way I manage my files and I find I am loving Evernote now after having used Catch for a few months after getting an Android. Anyway, I am unclear about one thing regarding notebooks. I know there is a limit of 250 synced notebooks including stacks. That's where I'm not sure if a stack with 10 notebooks inside it counts as 1, 10, or 11 notebooks of your total Can anyone clear this up. BTW, this limit is what finally swayed me to switch over from C
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