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  1. Great, I'm glad you got something working. I'm afraid I don't use Windows 10 so I won't be able to suggest anything to help with that second issue.
  2. Hi, There are a couple of approaches you might try. However, Evernote's scripting facilities on Windows are incredibly rudimentary, so I'm not sure you'll find a way to do exactly what you want. The first approach is to use the ENScript.exe to run a search query. You could do something like this: ENScript showNotes /q "evernote search query here"That command could be called from an AHK script. You could try to make the search very specific, so that it finds only the single note you're interested in. But it only executes that search and shows the results, so the note wouldn't be displayed in a dedicated window - that might be enough for you, though. Another approach would be to create a note link in Evernote to the single note you want to link to. Then paste this note link in another Evernote note. Then click edit on that note link, and copy and paste the URL address, which will be something like this: evernote:///view/41126/s1/75792a01-ca2d-4627-b9ae-3e266fbed540/75792a01-ca2d-4627-b9ae-3e266fbed540/You could then put that address in a .lnk file, or hyperlink it in Word or something. Clicking that .lnk file would then load just that one note, but again, it would not be loaded in its own dedicated window. (You can't paste the note link directly into another program, because Evernote will convert it to a link which goes via their website). A different approach would be to write or record a macro which locates the note in Evernote - this approach could be used to load the note into a dedicated note window if that is what you want, but it might be a bit more fragile.
  3. Hi, I wanted to let people know about EverReader, which is a web app for reading long-form content in Evernote. It remembers your position, so you can comfortably read long notes. It's open source, and the code is available here: https://github.com/ksk100/EverReader It's also running here: http://everreader.azurewebsites.net/ Currently as a private beta - if you'd like access, just private message me your email and I'll put you on the list. Thanks
  4. I think it will be okay as this is a web app.
  5. Yes, thank you. I've come across that although not tried it as I'm not on Windows 7 - 10.
  6. Hi, I'm developing a web app which allows Evernote users to do some batch/bulk editing of their notes, and I was wondering if there are any who would like to be beta testers for this? This is a spare time project so it's not progressing at a super speed. However, I have various bulk rename functions working on the Evernote developer sandbox server and I anticipate rolling this out to the main server some time in next week or two. If anyone would be interested in becoming a beta tester for such a tool, please send me a private message and I can send you further details once ready. I hope to add bulk content editing in due course. All the very best, Simon
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