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  1. Hi xdelplanque (using your proper "name" although I thought Browncoat had that nice sort of espionage feel to it). Nevertheless, I hate to be a pest but your professional fans have been barking for 6 months or more about the tab key support or a tabbing feature in the note editor. I have been limping along but I was wondering if you had a time frame (ball park) on that feature being added. If it won't be soon I need to look elsewhere for a noting solution because it's killing me in meetings to keep up haphazardly. If you tell me it will be soon, I'll stick it out if for no other reason than continuity but I think your Android professional fans would be much obliged if you could add this feature sooner rather than later. I know it's a core code change, but if you added it, I hope you realize that you would have the most supreme note-taking application on the market, regardless of platform, and Android supports the business and professional markets much more so than the Apple App store. P.S. I'm bummed about the video camera integration feature having been removed. It worked FLAWLESSLY on my Asus Transformer Prime and Droid Razr Maxx.
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