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  1. Well, I did start by praising Evernote... I use it constantly, most days, but the editing deficiencies are a joke... I just find ways of working around them, like pasting into notepad before Evernote. Well I think the dev team should work on issues that were posted online 4/5 yrs ago... maybe as you say they'll 'catch up sooner or later' but I'm not holding my breath. Oh btw, my first attempt at a workaround for my issue was to draw a separating line in monofont and copy and paste it several times..... it puts my default arial formatting underneath each one.... it seriously sucks at times!! I've never read any research on this but intuitively I guess that most ppl use Evernote for keeping notes.... so why lots fancy add-on's when the basic formatting is still broken after 5 years? Sigh ;-( Oh btw, this isn't a 'feature' I want, it's a problem and inconvenience I don't want! Being able to highlight multiple sections at once would be a nice non-essential feature. Basic editing at this level should just work.
  2. I've constantly been impressed and infuriated with Evernote... the facilities and syncing are superb... the formatting makes me lose the will to live... I recently wanted to highlight multiple sections of text using ctrl key... of course you can't! My point here... i'm transcribing some computer code in a monofont and separating sections using the line separator reverts it to my Arial default. I tried ctrl-a and making whole page monofont, but whatever you do the line separator - and presumably a hidden tag on the end that causes the font to remain - is arial. I can never ever get my head around how a great multi-platform program like this has such deficiencies.... I could easily go into rant mode here and suggest that instead of developing more and more add-on's the developers fix some of the existing formatting issues... PLEASE!!! There are LOTS!!! Some of the problems go back several years... I'm a Premium User and expect better than this.
  3. Totally agree.. I'm a Premium Member and am constantly irritated by the editing glitches and inconsistencies. I regularly have to edit in Word or Notepad and paste from there. The first line of defense always seems that Evernote is not a word processor. Well I type into notes and Evernote formats it (of sorts) and I can change fonts and so on, so I think by definition it is a word processor. Just a particularly bad one that has issues that have been well documented for many years. The total focus seems to be on bringing out new facilities (I wonder what the take-up of ScanSnap is at $495?). I love Evernote and use it constantly, but the basic problems should have been sorted out years ago! I'm also finding a lot of issues with the formatting of Web Clipper being all over the place sometimes. It seems to be browser dependent to some extent, maybe not liking Chrome? I probably use this facility more than any other and can't wait till 2018 when it's fully working properly. Addendum: Just installed the plugin into Safari - surprise surprise... doesn't work. Quick search reveals this issue talked about in January. I give up!
  4. Agree with all that's been said. I couldn't manage without Evernote now, but it is intensely frustrating in the way it screws up text formatting. I just now copied 3 lines from a webpage, and taking out the bullet point on one line turned everything into bold type size 18! I agree there are workarounds and that complex web pages may be impossible to reformat correctly, but surely the basics can be fixed. The developers are constantly coming up with new 'features'. Can't you PLEASE fix the formatting issues first. Does anyone from Evernote read these forums? I'd love to know why they don't consider it a priority.
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