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  1. I'm pretty sure everyone here crashes when it starts, so that first part isn't possible. Crashing for me as well, and I used it just yesterday. Every time it is Launch > crash message to send to Evernote > Send > quits > Apple crash reporter appears > OK. My content is on the web site okay, but what concerns me I don't see a way to extract it, should it become corrupt.
  2. Forgot to add this: One thing that really upset me was that I was presented the latest Evernote for iOS as an update in iTunes. I generally just go ahead and update everything, and because I did that, Evernote for iOS V7 was automatically downloaded, thus overwriting the earlier version. Again, it would not be such a kick in the groin if the older version were still available.
  3. This is awful. I have an old iPhone 3GS with iOS 6. Evernote is quite handy for me, and I don't want to upgrade my iPhone just yet (I'm waiting for the family's AT&T contracts to expire so I can jump ship for a different carrier). Now, or at least in the meantime, I'll have to look into other solutions.
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