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  1. You might check out http://www.thesecretweapon.org/ for use of EN and GTD
  2. Drag and drop is the easiest. You can also create a sync folder, mine is in my documents, and save or drop the pdf there and the next time you sync it will load up.
  3. In Chrome, if you go to Bookmark Manager you can see your bookmarks in a file format. Then highlight and copy from there.
  4. In Evernote I have each task as a note. Then I share the note with @followupthen. At the time I specify an email shows up reminding me. If I code the share as a task it will send reminders until the task is marked complete.
  5. You can search using a variety of operators. In this case created:date1 -created:date2 will bracket the period you are looking for and give you all the notes in that period. adding a keyword from the note will refine it closer.
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