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  1. Hi, I have the same issue, but that option is not Checked. Any other ideas? Thanks.
  2. I agree, typing notebook:notebook should work, but as long as I get the right result that's all that matters. Thank you.
  3. Hi, I was wondering if its possible to search within one notebook within a stack, not the whole stack. I would have thought the notebook:(Notebook) would work, but that only works with notebooks that are NOT in a stack. If I try to search in a single notebook within a stack, I get "nothing." Thank you. Evernote version on Windows Vista. Any other needed info, please ask.
  4. Thank you for all the good replies, this gives me something to think about. I had no direction with this and I've been using evernote for almost 3 years, which is why I have almost 2000 notes and no good method of keeping them organized. So tonight I set out again to come up with a good system. Thank you again!
  5. Thank you for the reply. I see where you are coming from, but I use Evernote mainly for personal use. It is replacing my physical file cabinet. All instruction manuals, important documents, personal projects, web articles. True, I do use it for work, I am a machinist, so notes that I take about certain machines, certain jobs that I run, etc. but they are all for personal use. Your examples do apply, I just need to adapt them to my scenarios. Right now, I have in my instruction manual notes, a tag for each device type, and another for each manufacturer, but now Im wondering if I really need that. Should I really be that specific, or just go with more generalized tags. I've spent almost the entire weekend going through all my notes, changing my mind, restructuring, changing my mind again. My head is spinning right now. But thank you again. Edit: Also, I dont want to create a bunch of tags that only 1 or 2 notes are going to use, seems wasteful to me.
  6. Hi, I use Evernote for everything. Work notes, household notes, hobbies, projects, interesting articles, -You name it. I believe in tagging notes, I see the benifit, but my tagging structure is a complete disaster. I have read several articles on organizing tags but I still dont have a clue as to the best way to use them. How detailed do I get? Do I do things like make a separate tag for each manufacturer mentioned in a note, for example? And if so, do I also use another general tag such as "Product?" I have instruction manuals of all kinds stored in an "InstructionManuals" notebook in this example. I have been working on organizing my notes all weekend with the future hope of getting rid of several notebooks and going more tag oriented. I have many more examples such as this but I dont know how deep to go with this. I know I am way over-thinking this, but dont know what to do. I know that the ultimate goal here is to be able to find what Im looking for, but it seems like consistency would be good too. Thank you for any help.
  7. Hi, I encountered this problem as well some months back, but I just checked and once again my S-Finder searches Evernote. Hope it's not just temporary or a fluke. Just thought I'd share.
  8. LMFAO...it must be nice to be able just go out and buy A new computer every time a bug crops up, but us common folk can't go and get a new one every other week when we get bored with the color...LOL. idiot
  9. I have to say that I am surprised with your rather cavalier attitude toward lost time and energy. I invite you to post your Positive attitude when you have lost hours of work. As I mentioned, I do pay for the service. Not a personal techie, as you put it, but I pay for a premium account. I feel cheated. What am I getting for my money? Not even the note that I spent much time on. I know you personally can't do anything about it, but I don't appreciate you downplaying the issue. Like i said, let me know when you lose work, and tell me how much faith you have in the service when you do. I admit, I could move to another service, but the thing is, this could be a great product if it just did the basic thing it was designed for: save notes. The features admittedly can't be beat.
  10. Ok well first I'm not after "perfection," but who wants to spend hours of their free time, yes, I'm using my free time at home to update my work notes, only to lose it in seconds? I don't expect Evernote to be flawless, but saving notes is its primary function. And second, no, I don't have a techie, but I do pay for a premium Evernote account, and I do expect better than this. I have to be honest here, I think it took a lot of balls to write what you wrote.
  11. Well, when there is a potential that I could lose hours of work, Im a little skeptical. Um...what do you mean I haven't reported it?
  12. I have submitted a support ticket on the problem, we'll see what they say. As for the numbers on the ends of files, this is an example of what I'm talking about: InsertCrossRef[5].xls. There is also - InsertCrossRef[5].xls.eninfo. The [5] I did not put in. If there is no need to sync after each save, then I am at a total lose as to what happened. Like I said, I had only been updating/accessing from the laptop at the time this happened. I want to keep using evernote, but really dont trust that my notes are safe.
  13. Ok, I apologize, I was frustrated. I feel very uneasy about trusting this product for keeping important notes, especially for work. But at the same time, I love the format and features. I would like to figure out what went wrong. I understand why conflicting changes occur normally. Making changes on one platform before synching from another. But this time I was only working from my laptop, and I had been saving periodically, and they had stuck. I thought anyway. Then all of a sudden, it wasn't sticking anymore. When saving an attachment within a note, do I need to save the attachment AND sync, each time? I had been saving the attachment (in open office) but not synching every time. I thought I could just sync it all when finished.
  14. Getting very frustrated with this ***** of a program again. Now I have multiple versions of an attachment in the database, marked with [2], [3], etc. at the end of the file name. The reason I looked at the database, is because I tried to update a spreadsheet that was already attached to a note. I saved the file WHILE evernote was open, the way you're supposed to do it from what I've read. I didn't have any other copy of evernote running in any other device. Now my "current" version (atleast I think) is in a folder called "Conflicting Changes." What I want to know is Why is it there, why didn't it sync like it always had, and what can I do about it? I have been updating these attachments for weeks now. What happened this time? I use this program to update work notes, and its completely UNACCEPTABLE that I have to spend an entire afternoon/night solving problems with this ***** program, IN ADDITION to typing up the notes. This is pathetic. Evernote comes out with stupid new products like Food, Hello, etc, and their original idea doesn't even work for *****. GET IT TOGETHER. The logo is an elephant, and the idea is that evernote never forgets-- for me, it never remembers. edit: ***** is a bad word? Then you really don't want to know what I REALLY wanted to say.
  15. I too have a question about adding text to a PDF note- my question is: The PDF takes up the whole note space, there is no cursor, and no room to position the cursor. When I click in the area I want the cursor, none shows up. What do I do about that?
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