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  1. First, as a research and info junkie, I love the "simplified article" option when saving web page content. However, there are times I only need to temporarily copy the generated "simplified article" content to Window's clipboard. However, after Evernote's web clipper (I'm using the Chrome extension) simplifies and before choosing the Ssave" button to Evernote, there seems no way to highlight and capture the simplified content. The only option seems to be to save and then I have to open up the note on either my Evernote desktop or Evernote website to select all and copy so it gets into my clipboard. Is there any way to use "simplified article" option and only copy the generated content directly to one's clipboard. If not, might there be a way to write a script to do so.
  2. Thanks Factman and Owyn. Checked the log file and noticed: Hardly use IE anymore so opened up, noticed it was in offline mode. Went online and all seems to be syncing now. Hope it stays that way. 0% Windows Internet subsystem is in offline mode Lars
  3. For the last couple days no matter what I try, my local desktop EN copy will not sync with the server. I just get the error msg "Syncronization Failed!" Cannot connect to Evernote Servers. When I log out and try to log in via desktop it also fails to connect and just asks if I want to open a local copy. I've just downloaded the most recent beta so we'll see if that helps. Otherwise, suggestions? Lars
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