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  1. what I do in a case like this is enter "wa " - note the spaces inside the quotes - this should return only instances of wa that have spaces around it - not inside a word.
  2. where did you get the info for this price? I would jump on that if I can find where to purchase for 19.99. thanks
  3. Evernote IS in the Amazon app store - look again
  4. I'm seeing the same problem with Outlook 2003. I found that the formatting shows better if I forward the email to Evernote instead of clipping it. Kind of a pain, but it does work. I would be interested in a solution too.
  5. I'm having problems on one Android tablet - but my problem is I can enter the passcode, but it won't allow me to select the username field. I've ended up removing and reloading the app/data twice now. I have another Android tablet and Android phones - they all work fine. Anyone have a solution for these problems?
  6. all you have to do is delete it. No biggie
  7. filed support ticket as requested - their response was that someone thinks my user name is theirs, andthere is nothing they can do about it. What was the point of filing the support ticket?? I'm still getting password change requests that I did not initiate.
  8. I have received 18 of thewse requests so far this year. Ticket initiated.
  9. I have Evernote on 3 Android devices. All of them always show Evernote in the 'update available' section of the Play Store and Amazon Appstore. - even when I have just done an update, and I know that there has not been a newly released version. Any tips on how to get rid of the contant update reminders? thanks
  10. what I do when I just need a portion is to use the snipping tool, then paste that into Evernote
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