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  1. This has been an immensely helpful thread. Thank you to all! I am a new Evernote user mainly because I just got an iPhone so I'm switching everything (moleskine, journal etc.) to digital. I've been reading incessantly about GTD and Evernote and I have decided to commit myself to this wonderful combo. Now the questions: I am a self professing minimalist and that being said I hate clutter. I only have 3 notebooks (inbox, workflow, archive) but about 30 tags. I really would like to reduce the number of tags but I still want to use tags (although I learned a lot from Grumpy Monkey's setup). Specifically I am thinking in the realm of managing tasks well. I have this inordinate fear that I am going to completely miss an important task and have to bear the consequences (college student approaching finals week). Majority of my tags are for my reference material but my tags for tasks are as follows: (!today, .tasks, @calls, @desk, @errands, @read/review). My .tasks tag is applied to all tasks so I do not miss any, but this feels redundant (and not minimalistic). I don't think this is the best way of managing tasks and I could use help. Does anyone have a very simple system for tagging tasks and reference material? Also there isn't much talk about GTD + Evernote on the iPhone. I'd be interested in hearing some iPhone unique GTD ideas. Thanks all!
  2. I'm loving this idea. I just met someone at Starbucks(literally right now, while reading this thread) and made my first FarleyFile note. I try to keep things as simple as possible so I will probably just create a "FarleyFile" tag for any of these notes I create. Any other ideas? Also does anyone have a template of typical info you record about your interactions in your FarleyFile? (preferably contact info excluded because I have a contacts list for that) Thanks!
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