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  1. I have 26 students in my Grade 8 home room and another 80 that I teach Social Studies to on a daily basis. Each student has a free Evernote account that they use as their primary tool for note taking, writing and organization. Students collaborate, share notebooks between themselves and generally make extensive use of Evernote. The biggest problem I have had in using Evernote in the classroom has not been around how to organize, share or develop better research and writing skills with the fantastic tool. The students love using Evernote. Logging out of Evernote - is the biggest problem I have among students - particularly on the Macbooks they use. The Evernote client for MacOS must have the ability to easily sign out a user when the are done using it. The Evernote windows client has the ability and it just doesn't make sense to me that the Mac version is so cumbersome to exit. The third party application "Evernote Switcher" is not a practical solution in a classroom where over a 100 students - just in Grade 8 - may need to access the same computing device at different times. The quickest way to undermine the utility of a function is for people to loose their work - for whatever reason - and then begin to loose confidence in the product. And while were on the subject - if you want people to fully embrace Evernote across platforms then everyone must have the same access to all functionality and add on's - Evernote should make Skitch available for the Windows platform. Dan
  2. Thanks - I did submit a support request as well but was hoping someone had an idea of how I can help my student.
  3. I am a teacher and have been implementing Evernote in my Grade 8 classroom with a great deal of success. However - one of my students, has had all of her notes and notebooks automatically delete and disapear. They do not show up in the Trash. We have tried a different account and the same problem occurs. I have watched as the notebooks are reduced with each successive synch until it drops to zero notes. This has happened on both Macbook Pros - new OS and iPad 2. Any help would be appreciated. Dan
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