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  1. can you please post the expected/exact date of the end of life for the web clipper for firefox? this tool have not been updated for some time and appears dead. do you plan on continuing support for firefox? or is the new version available ONLY FOR WINDOWS/MAC RUNNING CHROME ?!?
  2. trying to force us all to use chrome ? are you getting paid by google ?
  3. now on chrome 19, clipper is working fine, keys and all. sweet
  4. chrome version: 18.0.1025.168 behavior: when selecting "clip article" from options page arrow keys are not working. when selecting "clip full page" from options page, then while clipping change to "clip article" arrow keys are working correctly. ----------------------------------------------- check in settings page: extension is still at version 5.2 click on "update extensions now" - extension is still at version 5.2 (tried several times...) try to re-install the app from chrome store - there is no option to install (it is already installed) had to uninstall the extension, then re-install... after manually updating (5.3.2) arrow keys are now working correctly again, thank you. correction: now "clip article is completely un-selectable, hovering over it with the mouse has no effect... too bad, this used to work fine. time to start looking for alternatives maybe? Amir.
  5. web clipper not working... chrome stable version 18.0.1025.151 m tested on incognito mode with only web clipper extension enabled. clipper opens, and shows post overlay, with key hints shown. but pressing any of the arrow keys has no effect.. help with debugging would be appreciated. Amir.
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