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  1. From Chrome 22 user could define a custom shortcut for any extension, e.g, we can define a unique shortcut key to activate the Evernote Clipper.
  2. Thanks for the experiment. It works for me after setting back smart filling to "Tags and Notebooks".
  3. In previous Mac version, when I am editing in one note, I could generate a link of another note by right clicking another note and chooseing copy note link without leaving the note I am currently modifying. But when I did the same action in Evernote Mac 5, it just copied the link of the note I'm currently working on.
  4. In new Evernote Mac 5, Chinese search doesn't function correctly. There're couples of issue regarding it, The same search term I searched both in Mac and Web fail to get same result, more specifically, Mac get less results. When I search a Chinese phrase, every signal word in the phrase will be search instead of the whole one. When I started to type some words in the search bar, the new popup beneath would give some suggestions based on the what I've typed, but when I choose/click those suggestions, the search show nothing(no notes). Hope those issues could be addressed soon. Thanks.
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