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  1. So I didn't read the fine print and had my wife get me a moleskin which I had planned to use with my Android. Unfortunately, when I couldn't get the tags to work I figured out that it's not supported on the platform. So in order to help me avoid some embarrassment, how about you guys put a priority on the Android support. Pleeeeeease.
  2. @catbert, I'm somewhat hesitant to call it a bug being a new user. I would say that intuitively it seems to work a little differently than I would expect. ie If I look in a folder and manually sort on the updated field I would expect that all of those with a date of today would show up if I use either "updated:day" or "updated:yyyymmdd". However, for some reason some of the notes are missing. It may be that these notes are ones that have been created today that I haven't updated (though this field is populated correctly in the view), but I'm not sure. From a functional standpoint, it doesn't work as I would expect but not sure that this constitutes a bug per se. Thanks!
  3. "It is easier to explain using the Created Date column. Assume it is noon time. There is no "relative date/time argument" search that will show all of today's notes. You can either search for the activities scheduled for the future (including this afternoon) or the past activities." Thanks for the explanation. I've been playing with this the last few days and am able to get what I want now. It isn't intuitive (at least to me), but it gets me what I need. Thanks all
  4. Thanks all for your responses. I think that gives me enough to get a workaround of some type or another to get what I want.
  5. Yes, they do show up with that query. Unfortunately, it also pulls in other notes that I don't want. Very odd.
  6. Hi, I'm relatively new to EN searches on the PC and have a question. I notice some strange results when using the "updated:" search item. I'm just trying to find any notes in a given notebook update today. So my query if for that notebook with a criteria of the following: notebook:"Daily Diary" updated:day Where "Daily Diary" is the notebook I'm trying to search. However, I noticed that only some notes are showing. Ie there are notes that have an updated date of today that aren't showing. Any ideas on if I'm doing something wrong? Thanks
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