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  1. Yes, I just noticed this last night as well. Looks good so far.
  2. Thanks. That is what I figured and understand, but wanted to make sure. I get that I'm free and therefore lower on the food chain. No issues on my end with Evernote. I was more trying to be helpful because I'd suspect the breadth of beta users is small. If you need to know, I'm on a Pixel 3. I appreciate your help and feedback. Have a great day.
  3. As a non premium user, I cannot open an issue with Evernote. Given this is bug related to a beta, is there any other way to engage support? Yes, I'm aware I'm using a beta so it is my issue but one I suspect Evernote wants to get ahead of at some point. In the interim, the workaround is using your Chrome browser (set to "Desktop Site"). Thanks.
  4. Yes, I'd like to see font control within the android apps. Thank you.
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