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  1. Oh wow... really? That's not a good omen. Wonder if the way they've got Tags implemented under the hood now makes it difficult to program such a feature? I really hope they find a way to bring it back, it would be such a workflow timesaver. Imagine the howls if they dropped that feature for Notebooks too...
  2. Ahh... yes, I understand. So in a sense you are still using a tagging type approach, but rather than use Evernote's Tag implementation you are instead encoding information (tags if you will) into every note's Title/Name field. It speaks volumes that Evernote's purpose-built tag features are unable to be an improvement for you over such a method -- and I'm sure you have lots of company. You're earlier comment suggesting a "serious overhaul" is needed seems right on.
  3. FYI, command-W works to close that popover window (assuming you remain stuck with your current workflow). Best of luck with your UI request.
  4. Kirby, Thanks for so generously providing guidance on the system you use, with steps and screenshots. On the face of it though (and I apologize if I've missed something) the resulting method would still seem to require a few clicks and some scrolling through lists to successfully add a new note to your current viewed set (and still be viewing the set, now with the new note). And that is after it is all set up first with template notes (presumably one for every set you are interested in, which in my case is about 150). Having template text isn't part of my need, just a new note in the same tagged set, so your set up is probably overkill for me. The manual method I've been using is... Create a new note. That switches me into the default notebook with the new untitled note active. Click to add tag(s), typing in the same tag(s) as my previous search group. Auto-complete often helps tremendously here Click the All Notes button (so my next search is not just within the default notebook) Redo my original search to once again view the set of related notes I am working with, now with the new note included at top.... so for my workflow I'm not sure your system would save me any time or steps. HOWEVER... you have reminded me about right-click copy, which gives me the following workflow idea... Right-click copy an existing note within the searched tag group I am currently viewing, preferably one without any extraneous metadata (e.g. hyperlinks). The new duplicate note shows up right within my existing view, correctly tagged. Click onto the new note to make it active. Cmd-A overwrite the title, then tab into the body and Cmd-A overwrite the body contentOK, that's even better. I still remain envious of the one-step Cmd-N keyboard shortcut method I had when using Notebooks for organization. thank you, Jim
  5. Your voice of pragmatism is duly noted, Gazumped. In my case I have no expectations other than if more of us ask for a feature the sooner it might make some internal development priority list and the sooner we might see it in a shipping product. I was surprised frankly to search this forum for an hour first and find no one else having already asked for this feature (or perhaps my search skills are just poor)... which made me wonder if other Tag users (vs Notebook users) are perhaps not so numerous. Have you gone back to using Notebooks then as your primary method to organize, view, and work with sets of notes? And thus operate without notes able to belong to multiple such sets as a consequence? You mention using search (which I love as well) but that suffers from the same deficiency pointed out in my original post does it not? No easy way to add a new note that belongs to that same resulting "set".
  6. Having switched to using Tags as a primary organization tool instead of Notebooks, a typical workflow for me is to use the search field to find and view a group of notes having a particular Tag (e.g. relating to a project or topic of interest) in the same way that I might have previously searched for a Notebook containing that same group of notes. However, when organizing with Notebooks you can very conveniently use command-N to create a new note belonging to that same group of viewed notes -- meaning it is automatically assigned to belong to that Notebook. But when using Tags there is no equivalent method of creating new notes that belong to the currently viewed Tag group. Rather than get a new note that inherits the "Project X" tag what happens instead is Evernote drops my viewing of all Project X related notes, changes my view to the default Notebook, and opens a new untagged note there. Evernote Devs: Could you please try to upgrade this behavior when using Tags to the same level of convenient workflow one gets with Notebooks? Or perhaps an option for those who want it to enable "create new Notes in the tag group currently being viewed (or searched)"? WIthout this capability Tags are not nearly as convenient to use for organizing as Notebooks are -- which is unfortunate because Tags are by most accounts from experts a more powerful way to organize. thanks for your consideration, Jim
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