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  1. Decided to place this in the general forum since it's not platform specific... Ok - I have an article I captured into Evernote. That article has links to other articles, all of which were captured into Evernote. Since the source URL for a note is captured in the note metadata, I would like Evernote to check and see if the link in a note points to a URL that was captured and instead of opening the link in the browser, open the note that was created from that link URL. Can that be done? If so, that would be awesome. That way I don't have to ever hit the web when I have multiple notes all related by links. See the attached pic for a potential better visual explanation.
  2. It would be nice if Evernote could provide feedback and let me know if I already have captured data from a URL. I sometimes don't pay attention and re-capture and article previously captured. Something like "You already have a note created from this URL, would you like to capture anyway?"
  3. I still seem to be having problems forwarding emails to my Evernote account.
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