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  1. @m_fiorentino I disagree with your first assertion - Work Chat is not a nice feature. It's a ham-fisted confusion engine that pretends to look a bit like twitter or skype or any of the actually quite capable social media communication tools. I agree with all the other things you say - but my biggest concern is the security. If people don't really know whether something is shared, or with who, then they can never have confidence in the Evernote brand. To be honest, the Evernote guys would probably be better off canning the whole "chat" thing, and concentrating on addressing basic usability problems which are often raised on the forum - things like forcing people to use low-contrast fonts, not being able to customise the toolbar, Text resizing issues in notes, tags not syncing from the windows client properly etc. I should add that I work in a very wired environment, running an IT department in a highly technical science company, and we frequently interact via computer tools (like skype) using Instant Messages, as well as frequently sharing documents and stuff. In short, we actually know what we're doing with this stuff. We all find Evernote Work Chat useless and unwelcome. Trust us, it's a bad idea and really, really doesn't bring anything useful to the product; in our work environment, we rely on tools to perform their main function reliably and really don't give two hoots about "value added" features since these things usually remove value.
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